Social Justice: Finding A Better Way Forward For Broward

January 1, 2022

As our country cries out for social justice, the Community Foundation of Broward is providing local leadership to push for long-overdue change.

We know philanthropy can do more to help make this a community that champions social justice. Broward must be a place where all our residents feel welcome, where we all have the opportunity to succeed.

To increase our efforts to support social justice, the Community Foundation in 2020 launched a new workplan called Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, or REDI.

Click here to learn more about REDI.

Click here to find out what two new groundbreaking reports, from the Urban League of Broward County and Hispanic Unity of Florida, reveal about racial inequity in Broward.

Social Justice Impact In Action

The power of local philanthropy through the Community Foundation is already helping to break down barriers and empower Broward residents to overcome bias and injustice.

Click on the items below to learn more about how the Community Foundation supports social justice:

Collaboration Champions Social Justice and Racial Equity for LGBTQ+ Residents

New Art Of Community Grants Support Social Justice

Making Broward Schools ‘No Place For Hate’

Broward Leaders Learn Ways To Support Racial Equity

Community Foundation Helps Tackle ‘Unconscious Bias’ In Local Philanthropy

$1 Million BE BOLD Prize Goes To Broward College ‘EMPLOYS’ Program

New Scholarships Further The Mission Of Civil Rights Icon W. George Allen

Facing Broward’s Health Equity Dilemma

A Message About Our Way Forward

Learn More

To contact the Community Foundation of Broward, call 954-761-9503 or email

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