Making Broward Schools ‘No Place For Hate’

Community Foundation Helps Students Overcome Bias And Embrace Diversity

July 7, 2020
Glades Middle School in Miramar is one of the Broward schools where the No Place For Hate program encourages students to appreciate diversity and stop bigotry.

As our country cries out for social justice, Broward County students have a head start on overcoming bias and hatred, thanks to the power of local philanthropy.

Nine years ago, the Community Foundation of Broward started supporting the Anti-Defamation League’s “No Place For Hate Initiative” in local schools.

Through student education and teacher training, the program helps schools develop activities that enhance the appreciation of diversity and foster harmony. It promotes respect for individual and group differences, while challenging name-calling, prejudice and bigotry.

Thanks to support from the NCCJ Kresge Challenge Fund, the Community Foundation this year is again able to bring the No Place For Hate Initiative to about 9,000 students at 10 Broward schools.

To participate, the schools form committees or clubs that include students, teachers, parents, community members and more. They participate in diversity training and create school activities aimed at encouraging inclusion and overcoming bias. This year, the program could feature more online activities, if the coronavirus leads to continued distance learning.

Last year at Nova High School in Davie, the program helped students create a teen-focused diversity seminar for their peers.

“Our student presenters were trained in specific and engaging protocols that allowed them to present otherwise challenging information with knowledge, empathy, honesty and most importantly, respect,” teacher Melissa Atkinson said.

Opportunities to foster understanding and encourage new thinking – like the No Place For Hate Initiative – are key to finding solutions to racial injustice and other prejudices that have plagued our country for far too long.

The Community Foundation will not sit on the sidelines during these critical times, when there is a renewed national outcry against inequality and injustice. We are taking part in local and national conversations to help find answers. We are committed to learning more, building new collaborations and supporting bold solutions that bring real change.

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