Professional Advisors Get the 'Low Down' on Florida Homestead Law

October 4, 2018

Dozens of tax and estate attorneys, accountants and financial advisors gathered for a lesson in real estate tax law on Oct. 3 at the Community Foundation of Broward.

The Foundation’s first Professional Advisors Council meeting of the fall featured attorney and author Charles Rubin, who shared his insights about changes to Florida homestead law.

What kinds of properties can qualify for homestead tax exemptions and what the law allows for transferring homesteaded properties after death are among the issues Rubin covered at the breakfast meeting at the Foundation office in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

The chance to hear from legal and financial experts at breakfasts and luncheons held throughout the year is a benefit of joining the Foundation’s Professional Advisors Council. The council is an elite group of attorneys, accountants and financial advisors who have referred clients to the Foundation.

By partnering with the Foundation, their clients have peace of mind knowing there is a team of philanthropic experts to ensure the dollars they give are strategically focused to create the BOLDEST possible community impact.

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