Community Foundation Donors

Donors partner with us to make charitable giving easier, more enjoyable and to create a lasting impact

By teaming up with the Community Foundation, you create a charitable fund to fuel your philanthropy and you enlist an expert team to maximize the impact of your support. We safeguard your fund and find innovative grantmaking opportunities for you to make life better in Broward.

Together, we shape a brighter future for the place we call home.

Our donors gain a philanthropy partner

  • Expert guidance to identify the best opportunities to accomplish your charitable goals
  • Personalized charitable funds to fuel support, in your name or anonymously, for your charitable priorities
  • Accountability to ensure your charitable support is used as intended.
  • Opportunities to amplify your impact by pooling resources with like-minded philanthropists
  • Peace of mind from enlisting a fiduciary with more than 30 years of investment and grantmaking success
  • The power of endowment to ensure your legacy of community support continues forever

Create a charitable fund to shape a brighter future

As a Community Foundation “Fundholder,” you join a movement of visionaries who ensure that Broward has the resources it needs — today and forever.

Your charitable fund:

  • Supports philanthropy that reflects your values, passions and goals
  • Is a powerful alternative to a private foundation
  • Amplifies your impact by enlisting our ability to pool resources
  • Establishes your legacy of community impact

Charitable Fund options

Unrestricted Fund – Support our community’s most pressing needs, today and in the future.
Field of Interest Fund – Support a particular cause you care about.
Donor-Advised Fund – Support a variety of causes and charitable organizations and play a more active role in grantmaking.
Designated Fund – Support a specific charitable organization, forever.
Scholarship Fund – Support educational and vocational opportunities to help students achieve their full potential.
Nonprofit Endowment Fund – Support a nonprofit organization can lock in forever by partnering with the Community Foundation.

Let’s get started!

Please contact Kelly Marmol, Vice President of Philanthropic Services, to about how you can partner with the Community Foundation to create a charitable fund that shapes a brighter future for Broward.

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Planned Giving: Lock in A Legacy of Lasting Impact

Giving through your will is another powerful way to make a lasting impact.

By including a bequest to the Community Foundation in your estate plan, you lock in future support for an endowed charitable fund that will always be there to support causes important to you. Year after year, your endowed fund at the Community Foundation will fuel grants - in your name or anonymously, if you prefer - that shape a brighter future.

With your gift commitment you join our Legacy Society - visionary philanthropists we honor at our annual Legacy Society luncheon and who we invite to other events that showcase the enduring impact of local philanthropy.

Learn more about joining the Legacy Society

How 'The Great Transfer of Wealth' Can Transform Broward

Our community, like many across the nation, is in the midst of a historic transfer of wealth. In Broward alone, a staggering $55 billion is projected to change hands over the next decade as baby boomers pass their wealth to loved ones.

This life-changing economic phenomenon is also an opportunity to transform our community with increased local philanthropy.

Dedicating just 5 percent of this wealth transfer to new endowments could create sustainable, permanent support to tackle today’s big challenges and shape a brighter future.

Learn How Your Estate plan
Can transform Broward

Private Foundation Alternatives

We think charitable giving should be joyful rather than stressful. Let us free you from administrative hassles, tax complications, and other obligations so you can take pleasure in knowing that your donations are making a difference.

Your charitable goals can be easily achieved by working with the Community Foundation.

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Helping Broward bounce back

Jerry Taylor and Nancy Bryant wanted to offer a hand up to people still struggling to overcome the pandemic’s economic hardships. They enlisted the Community Foundation to find the best strategies for their $1 million to deliver food, housing and other tools for people to become self-sufficient.

Learn More

Donor Portal

The Community Foundation’s donor portal is an easy-to-use, online tool designed to provide Fundholders 24/7 access to information about their charitable funds. It's a convenient way to stay informed about your giving power and connected to your philanthropy partner.

Access the Donor Portal
"I have tremendous faith in the talented people involved and engaged in this fine organization. The Community Foundation of Broward has a successful track record and a long history, so it’s going to be here. I also like the heart of the Community Foundation and the value this organization provides to our community."
-Mona Pittenger, Community Foundation Fundholder and Community Builder
We love having the Community Foundation to steward our charitable fund and maximize the impact of our philanthropy. They do the legwork, we have peace of mind knowing they will carry on our community support for generations to come.
 – Cathy and James Donnelly, Community Foundation Fundholders and Community Builders
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