Helping Broward bounce back

Jerry Taylor and Nancy Bryant’s $1 million commitment

Nancy Bryant (left) and her husband Jerry Taylor collaborate with the Community Foundation’s Amanda Kah (center) to find the best ways for their philanthropy to help Broward residents overcome economic repercussions of the pandemic.

Shuttered businesses. Food bank lines that stretch for miles. Families on the brink of homelessness.

When Jerry Taylor and his wife Nancy Bryant saw their community in trouble, they couldn’t sit on the sidelines. So, in 2021 they committed $1 million to help Broward residents face lingering economic repercussions from the pandemic.

“There are a lot of people who have lost jobs,” said Jerry, former CEO of MCI Communications Corporation. “We wanted to do something that was immediate and impactful.”

Jerry and Nancy have enlisted their local philanthropy partner, the Community Foundation of Broward, to identify the best strategies to tackle the immediate needs of Broward residents affected by the pandemic. Their goal is to lift up those who have struggled with illness, job loss and other pandemic challenges. They collaborate with their Charitable Fund Manager, Amanda Kah, to deploy support where it’s needed the most.

“We knew people were struggling and needed help, but we didn’t know how to reach them. So, we called Amanda,” said Nancy, former executive director of The Society of Industrial and Office Realtors. “She brought these great programs to our attention. That’s the focus that we needed.”

In response to the pandemic, the Jerry Taylor & Nancy Bryant Fund at the Community Foundation has delivered critical support for food, rent and utility assistance, emergency household repairs, help to find affordable housing, workforce development, scholarships and much more.

Since 2003, Jerry and Nancy’s Donor-Advised Fund at the Community Foundation has provided vital support for Broward’s children, the environment, the arts and more. Now, just when Broward needs them the most, Jerry and Nancy’s generosity supports opportunities for people to achieve social & economic mobility. Their philanthropy empowers hardworking residents to overcome hardship and become self-sufficient.

“Jerry and Nancy are making a life-changing difference for struggling Broward residents who need a hand up,” Amanda said. “The Community Foundation is proud to further their legacy of bold impact for the community they love.”

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To learn how you can partner with the Community Foundation to shape a brighter future for Broward, contact Vice President of Philanthropic Services Nancy Thies at or 954-761-9503.

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