The Community Foundation of Broward is a go-to resource to help professional advisors meet their clients' charitable goals.

You know your clients. We know philanthropy. Together, we can help your clients create a legacy of impact — and ensure a brighter future for Broward.

Together we can maximize your client’s charitable impact

  • Personalized giving strategies: We collaborate with you to craft a philanthropy plan to achieve your client’s charitable goals.
  • Leveraged giving opportunities: By pooling the resources of like-minded philanthropists, we amplify your client’s impact.
  • Establish an enduring legacy: A charitable fund at the Community Foundation locks in support for your clients’ charitable goals – like a private foundation, without the administrative burdens.
  • You stay involved: You’re invited to all client meetings. You can join our Professional Advisors Council, with exclusive networking and continuing education opportunities.

You and your client gain a philanthropy partner

  • Expert guidance: We identify the best opportunities to accomplish your client’s charitable goals.
  • Personalized charitable funds: Fuel support, in your client’s name or anonymously, for their charitable priorities.
  • Accountability: We ensure your client’s charitable support is used as intended.
  • Amplify your client’s impact: We provide opportunities for like-minded philanthropists to pool resources and with like-minded philanthropists.
  • Peace of mind: We are a trusted fiduciary with a more than 30-year track record of investment and grantmaking success.
  • The power of endowment: We can ensure your client’s legacy of community support continues forever.

Tools You Can Use

Helping your clients Navigate 'The great Transfer of Wealth'

Our community, like many across the nation, is in the midst of a historic transfer of wealth. In Broward alone, a staggering $55 billion is projected to change hands over the next decade as baby boomers pass their wealth to loved ones.

This life-changing economic phenomenon for many is also a historic opportunity to transform our community through increased local philanthropy.

We can work with you to help your charitably minded clients create endowments that ensure support for their charitable passions will never end.

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“Ask an Advisor”

Professional advisors who collaborate with the Community Foundation answer philanthropists’ questions about tax law, wealth management, estate planning and more.

Current topics:

ESG investingYear-end giving strategies

Join Our Professional Advisors Council

The Professional Advisors Council is an elite group of tax and estate attorneys, accountants and financial advisors who collaborate with the Community Foundation to achieve their clients’ charitable goals. Working together, we create charitable funds that enable their clients to make a lasting impact.

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Let’s get started!

You know your client. We know philanthropy. Together we can help your client create a legacy of BOLD impact – and shape a brighter future for Broward. To get started, contact Mark Kotler, Senior Director of Philanthropic Services below.

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