Philanthropy PROBrief

Philanthropy PROBrief offers professional advisors helpful information about philanthropy and giving strategies.

June 2021

Designated Fund Solutions at the Community Foundation of Broward

With an endowed Designated Fund at the Community Foundation of Broward, your client can create permanent support for an organization they love – in Broward and beyond. But that’s not all. With the Community Foundation as a philanthropy partner, your client also gets peace of mind knowing our experts will ensure their support is always used as they intended.

November 2020

2020 Year-End Charitable Planning Insights

For all the challenges and unpredictability of 2020, this year-unlike-any-other also brought new opportunities for year-end charitable planning. Amid a pandemic and contentious election, changes to tax laws have created unique opportunities to boost year-end giving power and accomplish charitable goals. The Community Foundation of Broward can be a go-to resource to navigate charitable planning opportunities during these uncertain times.

May 2020

How IRAs Can Fuel Philanthropy - During Times Of Crisis And Beyond

At a time when many of your clients are looking for ways to help their community face an unprecedented crisis, IRAs offer a powerful way to make a bold impact. Even after big changes to federal law in 2020, IRAs are still a great asset to fuel charitable giving. And your clients' increased philanthropic muscle comes just when Broward needs more help to face the devastating consequences of the coronavirus, and whatever lies ahead.

September 2019

There's More to Philanthropy Than Donor-Advised Funds

Some of your clients want to do more than give today. They want the impact of their giving to last forever. They want to create a legacy, not just another donor-advised fund. Your client can accomplish this goal by establishing an endowed Fund in their name at the Community Foundation of Broward.

March 2019

Beyond Cash: How Non-cash Giving Amplifies Philanthropy

Cash is king as the source of charitable giving in America.However, cash is only part of a client’s overall wealth. Donors, advisors and nonprofits are increasingly paying attention to non-cash alternative sources for charitable contributions.

December 2018

Four Problems Solved When Private Foundations Partner With the Community Foundation oF Broward

The Community Foundation of Broward can leverage the distinct attributes of your client’s private foundation and help your client meet his or her goals – while rescuing your client from the mountain of paperwork faced by running a foundation.

September 2018

Helping Clients Address Tax Implications of Required Minimum Distributions

Qualified charitable distributions are a growing option for people who want to make a difference in their community and also plan for the tax implications of a required minimum distribution.

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