Stories of
Impact in Action

We are putting philanthropy to work in our community. We are about BOLD impact.

Working together with our Fundholders, nonprofits and other community partners, our leadership and grantmaking make life better in Broward.

Here are a few examples of how we connect people who care to causes that matter.


One Million Ways to Help

When Jerry Taylor and his wife, Nancy Bryant, saw their community in trouble, they couldn’t sit on the sidelines. “There are a lot of people who have lost jobs, we wanted to do something that was immediate and impactful.” Through the Community Foundation, the Jerry Taylor & Nancy Bryant Fund has delivered critical support for those affected by the pandemic.

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Making a Difference for Children Living with AIDS

Although AIDS took Blayne’s life at just three years old, his mother has made sure his joyful mark on the world continues. Thanks to Teri’s visionary collaboration with the Community Foundation, support in Blayne’s name will always be there to help children facing AIDS.

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Turning a Big Obstacle into a
Life-Changing Opportunity

Twin sisters Hadley and Delaney Robertson found an innovative way to turn a big obstacle into a life-changing opportunity for people who, like them, live with scoliosis. The twins, along with their family, have partnered with the Community Foundation of Broward to help guide their local giving. “It's been really amazing so far to watch how Brace for Impact has been able to help kids.”

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