Education & Youth Enrichment

Help Broward’s youth gain critical skills to shape their lives and future careers through opportunities to: access and attain academic achievement, explore and pursue career paths, and develop interpersonal and life skills.

Why It Matters

A good education is needed to thrive. Education not only allows people to read and write, but it also allows them to have a good life, communicate better, develop new technologies and support the economy. Engaging youth in education and enriching activities early will tap their potential, start positive habits early and build their confidence to last a lifetime. Also, many youth learn differently and excel through special education or alternative education.

According to the Florida Department of Education, Broward’s high school graduation rate has declined since the pandemic. In 2022, only 87.2% of students received their diploma. This affects what students do after high school. Post-secondary education is a factor in economic mobility due to a greater chance of job security and improved quality of life. Also important is the opportunity to earn a certification through vocational training and education programs that provide a direct connection to a career path.

Youth enrichment focuses on building resilience by decreasing negative risk factors. Young people with various opportunities for positive engagement are less inclined to participate in risky behavior and ultimately transition into adulthood successfully. As more young people have opportunities that build their soft skills, life skills, and knowledge, they make sound decisions and effect change.

If our youth experience a stimulating learning environment that fosters growth and opportunities and support for alternative learning methods, job readiness, and enriching opportunities, this can significantly contribute to improved educational outcomes and the overall well-being of the youth in Broward.

What We Are Looking For

To secure a promising and stable life through Education & Youth Enrichment programs for all young people including those with special needs or LGBTQ youth by supporting programs that increase outcomes in three (3) key areas:

  • Exposure to New Opportunities — Dynamic opportunities to expose youth to new experiences and explore new paths beyond their present environments, stimulate their minds beyond circumstances, and inspire them to be change-makers in their communities and beyond.  This includes but is not limited to exposure to technology, entrepreneurship, the marine industry, college tours and college experience immersion programs, and other post-secondary options.
  • K–12 Academic Achievement — Help students gain marked academic improvement according to Florida’s standards.  Programs should identify and address gaps in student performance that demonstrate an increase in learning gains. This includes providing programs and services to students in alternative schools.
  • Work-Based Learning — Provide students with real-life work experiences where they can apply academic and technical skills while developing soft skills, life skills, and critical thinking to gain self-confidence and become employable.


The Community Foundation of Broward is a proponent of educational initiatives within the Broward community.  Since 2010, the Foundation has supported over $8.5M to educational programs through the work of nonprofits and the Broward County Public School system.

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