Blayne Stout’s BOLD Legacy: Making A Difference For Children With AIDS

June 29, 2021
Blayne Stout and his mother, Teri Stout.

Blayne Stout’s big smile brightened lives, even as the toddler endured a life-threatening disease.

And in 1991 when AIDS took Blayne’s life at just three years old, his mother made sure his joyful mark on the world was just getting started.

Teri Stout partnered with the Community Foundation of Broward to create the Blayne Stout AIDS Fund – an endowed charitable Fund dedicated to making a difference for children with AIDS.  For nearly three decades, grants in Blayne’s name have helped provide treatment and support for children with AIDS.

That includes ongoing support for the Children’s Diagnostic & Treatment Center in Fort Lauderdale. The CDTC provides expert medical care close to home for children with special needs. One of the CDTC’s unique services is the Comprehensive Family AIDS Program. This one-stop-shop offers primary care, specialty HIV medical care, medical case management and supportive services to women, children and infants. In addition to HIV treatment and testing, the CDTC’s talented team provides education and support for the program’s clients and connects them with other helpful community programs. These critical, centralized services make it easier to coordinate care and promote healthier outcomes.

Blayne’s Fund along with support from many other dedicated philanthropists helps fuel the CDTC’s life-changing mission.

Back when Teri teamed up with the Community Foundation almost 30 years ago, she already knew she would need a partner to help carry on Blayne’s legacy. Teri learned she was HIV positive when she was pregnant with Blayne. She died of complications from AIDS almost four years after her son. Blayne’s father, Gary, also died from AIDS complications when Blayne was just a baby.

Thanks to Teri’s visionary collaboration with the Community Foundation, support in Blayne’s name will always be there to help children facing AIDS. Because Blayne’s Fund is endowed, it grows through the Foundation’s careful investment and generates a permanent source of support. The Foundation will be there for generations to come to make sure grants from Blayne’s Fund go where they can create the greatest impact.

At the Community Foundation, we are honored to work on Teri’s behalf to carry on her son’s name and to make sure the Blayne Stout AIDS Fund will always be there to help children in need.

“It is so wonderful to see that Blayne and Teri are still making a difference so many years after their passing,” said Jacqueline Bammert, Teri Stout’s niece and Blayne’s cousin. “I know my aunt would be so happy to know that this important work is continuing.”

Click here to learn more about Teri Stout and her efforts to raise awareness about AIDS.

Representatives from the Community Foundation led by President/CEO Jennifer O’Flannery Anderson, Ph.D., (far left) join representatives from the Children’s Diagnostic & Treatment Center for a June 2021 visit to get a firsthand look at programs that help children face health challenges.
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To donate to the Blayne Stout AIDS Fund or to learn more about creating a charitable Fund at the Community Foundation, contact Vice President of Philanthropic Services Nancy Thies at or 954-761-9503.

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