JPMorgan Chase and Florida Blue Contribute to Broward Cares

September 20, 2017

Following a disaster, the extraordinary generosity of the American people shines through. This includes vital contributions from companies that truly care about our community.

The first two companies to step forward and significantly support the Broward Cares Hurricane Irma Recovery Fund are JPMorgan Chase & Co. ($75,000) and Florida Blue ($50,000).

“Many of our customers and communities across Florida have a long road ahead of them and we are here to help as they rebuild from this devastating storm,” said Mel Martinez, Florida-based chairman of the southeast for JPMorgan Chase.

“The devastation wrought by Hurricane Irma – from the Keys and south Florida, up our beautiful west coast, and on north to Tallahassee and Jacksonville – has been heartbreaking”, says Florida Blue CEO Pat Geraghty. “The staggering power of nature has humbled us, affecting millions and changing lives and circumstances possibly for years to come. While we know that Floridians are incredibly resilient, we also know that our neighbors and communities will need help to recover and rebuild. The entire Florida Blue family, driven by our mission, stands ready to do our part.”

These corporate donations to Broward Cares represent a portion of $1 million each company has individually made available to support relief and recovery efforts across the region.

The recovery and rebuilding effort that will continue through the coming months is the focus of Broward Cares. It is a strategic collaboration of the Community Foundation of Broward, the Jewish Federation of Broward County, and the United Way of Broward County. The three organizations are collaboratively accepting and pooling donations to support recovery and rebuilding efforts in our community.

Broward Cares is a trusted and reliable way to donate to local storm recovery efforts. One hundred percent of donations made through BrowardCares will be invested in organizations supporting people critically impacted by Hurricane Irma. This will be done through the provision of grants to select nonprofits that provide disaster recovery programs or support those in need.

Linda Carter, President and CEO of the Community Foundation of Broward stated, “The collaborative was formed with the recognition that a community that works together to share information and expertise is able to respond smarter, with more impact and make better use of available resources.”

Check back in the future to learn more about disbursement of Broward Cares grants for recovery efforts. For additional information on Broward Cares, visit or call one of the community partners:

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