BE BOLD Leadership Campaign Hits $100 Million Milestone

April 30, 2019
Community Foundation of Broward Board Chairman Steven W. Hudson and President and CEO Linda Carter celebrate the BE BOLD Leadership Campaign raising $100 million during its first year.

Broward now has 100 million reasons to expect a better, bolder future.

In a major first step toward tackling Broward’s growing challenges, the Community Foundation of Broward has raised $100 million in the first year of the BE BOLD Leadership Campaign. The BE BOLD campaign seeks to ensure a permanent source of philanthropic support, able to address our community’s ever-changing needs.

The campaign’s early success is thanks to generous visionaries and doers who provide endowed gifts that will shape Broward’s future.

“It’s a huge accomplishment,” Community Foundation President and CEO Linda Carter said. “We are so thankful and proud of how people are stepping up to create bold change in Broward. But this is just the beginning.”

The BE BOLD Leadership Campaign seeks to raise $500 million by the Community Foundation’s 40th anniversary in 2024. This is done through the creation of personalized endowed Funds for Broward, which grow through investment and create philanthropic resources to help Broward today – and forever.

One year after launching the BE BOLD Leadership Campaign, The Community Foundation of Broward Board of Directors and staff celebrate raising $100 million to help tackle Broward's growing community challenges.

The Community Foundation Board of Directors and staff launched the BE BOLD campaign last year to ensure that fast-growing Broward will have forever support to tackle changing community needs.

“Broward County is changing. That is affecting everyone,” said Foundation Board member James Donnelly, who heads the leadership campaign committee. “What we decided as a Board at the Community Foundation is we need to BE BOLD. Our community has critical issues that must be tackled, and it takes significant resources to make a real difference.”

The BE BOLD campaign focuses on providing support to target the 10 Issues that Matter – identified by the Foundation as issues that affect us all and are the greatest challenges to Broward’s future.

Examples of how our Fundholders’ support is already moving the needle on the Issues that Matter include:

  • More than 500 struggling adults have been able to move into stable housing, advance their education and find better jobs thanks to the Economic Independence initiative.
  • The Cancel Cancer initiative has enabled more than 1,000 Broward cancer patients and their families to receive emotional and financial support as well as transportation during treatment.
  • Middle school education is being forever changed through new teaching techniques and other improvements to help at-risk students succeed. The Foundation’s largest ever grant, $3 million over three years, supports a 10-school pilot program expected to eventually expand to all middle schools.

Despite these accomplishments, 70 percent of grant requests to the Community Foundation go unsupported because of growing demand for philanthropic resources.

Success of the BE BOLD Leadership Campaign will help address these unmet needs and generate nearly $3 million a month to focus on Broward’s Issues that Matter. Don’t miss your chance to join this incredible movement to ensure a better future for this place we call home.


To learn more about how you can BE BOLD for Broward, contact the Foundation’s Vice President of Philanthropic Services Nancy Thies at or 954-761-9503.

Be Bold Leadership Campaign

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