Bold Leadership, Bold Resources Vital For Broward's Recovery

Why The BE BOLD Leadership Campaign Is Needed Now More Than Ever

May 29, 2020
Community Foundation of Broward Board Chairman James Donnelly and Foundation Board Member Steven W. Hudson, who is chairman of the BE BOLD Leadership Campaign, have both created endowed charitable Funds at the Community Foundation.

A bold new movement to shape a brighter future for Broward started long before a devastating pandemic reached our shores.

Since 2018, the Community Foundation of Broward’s BE BOLD Leadership Campaign has fueled innovation and inspired new thinking. Through the power of endowment, the BE BOLD Leadership Campaign continues to create permanent resources to tackle Broward’s biggest challenges.

Thanks to local philanthropists who have created endowed charitable Funds at the Community Foundation, we were ready to respond when the coronavirus struck. Their Funds are making it possible to:

  • Help struggling families become self-sufficient.
  • Empower residents to get healthier.
  • Create a greater safety net of services for isolated seniors.
  • Provide forever resources – available during good times and bad – for the arts, the environment and all of Broward’s Issues That Matter.

The far-reaching effects of this crisis will be with us for years to come.  Our community requires more endowed resources to fuel the long-term solutions Broward needs during this crisis and beyond.

Here’s why two of Broward’s most dedicated philanthropists say the BE BOLD Leadership Campaign – which they have both stepped up to support – is now more important than ever:

James Donnelly

Community Foundation Board Chairman

“Housing, hunger and mental health are examples of the community needs that are increasing during this crisis.  The BE BOLD Leadership Campaign provides the resources to tackle these challenges and to help to fill the other gaps exposed by the coronavirus.”
“Most nonprofit organizations fundraise each year for that year’s needs.  When a crisis occurs, their revenue often slows, making it difficult to meet the community’s current need.”
“What makes the Community Foundation of Broward different is its focus on creating endowed charitable Funds. Endowed Funds are insulated from year-to-year fluctuations in economic circumstances. They ensure vital resources are there for our community, when our community needs them the most.”
“The BE BOLD Leadership Campaign is empowering leaders in our community to make a difference in the community they love – today and forever.”

Steven W. Hudson

Community Foundation Board Member and BE BOLD Leadership Campaign Chairman

“Our community is suffering in so many ways due to the coronavirus crisis. It reinforces why our community needs the BE BOLD Leadership Campaign, now more than ever.”
“I don’t believe anyone truly believed that our entire country, and most of the world, would end up in complete lockdown.  Locally, this has been devastating to many individuals in our community.”
“The Community Foundation is a trusted community partner, uniquely suited to respond to unforeseen events by deploying dollars from endowed charitable Funds where they are needed the most.”
“Creating an unrestricted endowed charitable Fund at the Community Foundation is a powerful way to ensure your philanthropy can address whatever happens in our community.”
Ready to BE BOLD?

For more information about joining the BE BOLD Leadership Campaign, contact Vice President of Philanthropic Services Nancy Thies at or 954-761-9503.

Be Bold Leadership Campaign

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