Heckerling Highlights with Frank Brogan, Esq.

January PAC Meeting

February 19, 2016
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Members of the Foundation's Professional Advisors Council (PAC) joined Frank Brogan, Esq., of GreenbergTaurig, for his take on Heckerling 2016. Frank led a lively discussion on legislation and regulation updates, the Purdue and Green Case, decanting, and other trusts revisions.

Members were welcomed by PAC Chair, Lou Anderson, Esq., and received a sneak preview of ten Issues that Matter, which will be the focus of a $50M, five-year effort by the Foundation.  More photos

Read our new Issues that Matter outline here. Hard copies are available for you to share with clients by emailing Thor Barraclough at thor@cfbroward.org.

Professional Advisors Council

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