Professional Advisors Receive Estate Planning Tips

February 22, 2019
Shawn C. Snyder, James B. Davis, Marianela Collado and William Snyder shared their insights from the Heckerling Institute 2019 conference with fellow members of the Community Foundation of Broward’s Professional Advisors Council.

Members of the Community Foundation of Broward’s Professional Advisors Council received estate planning insights learned from the Heckerling Institute – a top educational conference for attorneys, accountants and financial advisors.

A panel of experts who attended the conference in Orlando shared their takeaways at the Professional Advisors Council’s first meeting of 2019, held at the Community Foundation in Fort Lauderdale.  

Former Foundation Board chairman William Snyder, an attorney, moderated the panel that included attorneys James B. Davis and Shawn C. Snyder and financial advisor Marianela Collado. The panel discussed lessons learned about the challenges and opportunities created by the 2017 changes to federal tax law. It highlighted ways to “make your estate planning great again,” William Snyder quipped.

Topics included: the tax advantages of charitable giving, when it’s best to transfer wealth between family members, the importance of protecting client data and how to help clients with charitable planning.

The Community Foundation’s “Best of Heckerling 2019” breakfast is an example of the exclusive opportunities available to members of the Professional Advisors Council – an elite group of professionals who have referred clients to the Foundation.


To learn more about the benefits of collaborating with the Community Foundation on behalf of a client, or to open your own charitable Fund, contact Vice President of Philanthropic Services Nancy Thies at or 954-761-9503.

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