From Isolation to Inspiration

Our Memorial ALLIES program looks at the little details in Anne’s life to figure out she can be happier, more fulfilled – and live longer!

September 28, 2018

When you’re older and living alone, you can kind of wilt away. So, why not keep our 80 and older neighbors active in the community and safe in their homes so they can thrive?

See how the Community Foundation of Broward enables the Memorial ALLIES program look at the little details in a senior’s life to figure out how they can be happier, more fulfilled – and live longer!

Why is it important? Broward has the fastest growing 85+ population in Florida, and it will grow by more than 60,000 in the next 12 years.

Broward already has 430,000 seniors – 22.5 percent of the county population.

Nearly 13 percent of Broward’s seniors live below the poverty line vs. 9 percent of the nation’s seniors.

6,500 Broward seniors are languishing on waiting lists for elder services.

You can create BOLD Change: Establish your named focused-impact Fund at the Community Foundation of Broward to improve the quality of life for Broward’s older residents.  


Contact us today to get started. or 954-761-9503

Dignity in Aging

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