Dog Therapy Drive-by Breaks Through Senior Isolation In Broward

August 5, 2020

Furry faces peer out of windows and open tailgates, delivering a drive-through version of canine therapy to Broward seniors stuck at home during the pandemic.

This recent parade of four-legged well-wishers – chauffeured in cars decorated with balloons, streamers and colorful signs – helped seniors at the John Knox Village retirement community in Pompano Beach feel less isolated during these times of social distancing.

The drive-by dog parade was provided by Canine Assisted Pet Therapy, an Oakland Park nonprofit that conducts pet therapy sessions at schools, hospitals, nursing homes, businesses and other facilities across South Florida.

Canine Assisted Pet Therapy this summer received a $25,000 “Dignity in Aging” grant to help break through senior isolation in Broward by providing pet therapy at assisted living facilities and senior centers.

This and other Dignity in Aging grants are made possible by the Community Foundation of Broward’s groundbreaking collaboration with the Jewish Federation of Broward County, United Way of Broward County and The Frederick A. Deluca Foundation.

This summer, support totaling $606,728 from this innovative partnership has fueled nine grants to provide seniors home visits, help to combat depression, access to arts programs, transportation and much, much more.  

These nine new grants are a continuation of the Dignity in Aging Funding Collaborative’s effort to create a greater safety net of services for seniors in Broward, which has Florida's fastest growing population of people over 85.

The collaboration started in 2018, when support from the partnership helped produce a landmark study entitled, “The Silver Tsunami: Is Broward Ready?”  The study identified challenges such as high medical costs, limited housing options, unaffordable home care, the detrimental effects of senior isolation and long waiting lists for help. These challenges are growing even more daunting for Broward’s seniors during this unprecedented health and economic crisis.

Thanks to our Fundholders, the Community Foundation will be there to support Dignity in Aging, during this crisis and beyond.

The Community Foundation’s contribution to the collaborative's nine new Dignity In Aging grants was made possible by the support from the following charitable Funds:

  • Susan E. Sachs Field of Interest Fund
  • Discretionary Community Fund
  • Ruth H. Brown Fund for the Arts
  • Alvin and Gloria Ross Community Care Fund
  • Jack and Ginger Weinbaum Fund
  • Jonathan Dominguez Fund
  • Jan Moran Unrestricted Fund
  • Oakland Park Woman's Club
  • Leonard and Antje Farber Endowment Fund
  • Community Concerts Association of Fort Lauderdale Performing Arts Fund
  • James and Lynn LaBate Family Fund
  • David and Francie Horvitz Family Fund
  • Alvin and Gloria Ross Community Care Fund
  • Lucille Harris Mann Fund
  • Ron Castell Memorial Fund
  • Deinhardt Charitable Fund
  • Drial Foundation Fund
  • Kresge Unrestricted Fund
  • The Wil and Susan Greaton Fund
  • Mary N. Porter Community Impact Fund
  • Frank P. and Blanche S. Buck Fund
  • Patty and Kurt Zimmerman Charitable Fund
  • Mary and Alex Mackenzie Community Impact Fund
  • Community Impact Fund

Learn More

You can support Dignity in Aging with a charitable Fund at the Community Foundation of Broward. To learn more, contact Vice President of Philanthropic Services Nancy Thies at or 954-761-9503.

Dignity in Aging

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