Florida has the highest concentration of older Americans in the country and Broward has Florida's fastest growing population of people over 85. Over the next 12 years, seniors who are 80-84 years old will grow by 73% according to Florida Department of Elder Affairs projections from 2017.

Although Broward is widely considered a paradise for retirees, many seniors struggle to live the good life. They need help with everyday activities like driving, cooking, finances, and personal care.  Current services for seniors are fragmented making them hard to find and inaccessible. The wait lists are long.  Seniors will continue to outlive their retirement income and need help that currently is not available. For more on this issue, please read our special report: The Silver Tsunami: Is Broward Ready?

Our Goal

Based on "The Silver Tsunami: Is Broward Ready?" report, our goal is to address solutions for the themes outlined in the report:

  • Holes in the Safety Net (Systemic Issues) - limited awareness and access to information and difficulty in navigating the system
  • Effects of Isolation (Wellbeing and Wellness) - loneliness/isolation, aging safely and independently in place, limited mobility/lack of transportation, and caregiver burden
  • Limited Finances (Economics and Affordability) - fixed incomes, limited housing options, high medical expenses, unaffordable home care
  • Poor Perception of Elders (Community Perception) - ageism, defining persons by stereotypes, and the importance of cross generational engagement
What We Have Learned

All people deserve to age well and enjoy their golden years.  With scarce (less than 5%) of Broward County government dollars dedicated for seniors, our support is crucial to ensure their quality of life.  With a strengthened caregiver network, reduced senior isolation, improved transportation, creative housing options, and reduced waiting lists for critical services will create a stress-free life for Broward’s elders 80+.

From Isolation to Inspiration
September 28, 2018

Our Memorial ALLIES program looks at the little details in Anne’s life to figure out she can be happier, more fulfilled – and live longer!

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Other Issues that Matter

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