Broward has more same-sex couples or households than any other county in Florida. As our community and LGBTQ population continue to grow, issues arise and become more complex. The issues that affect Broward residents acutely affect LGBTQ residents.  

Before the coronavirus pandemic, LGBTQ residents were already more likely to lack health insurance, adequate access to health care, and sensitivity from medical providers, especially among those who are transgender, people of color, or low income. Now the coronavirus pandemic has shown that addressing the health care needs of LGBTQ populations is critical. Because many LGBTQ individuals have underlying health conditions and face challenges with health care services, they are more vulnerable to contracting the virus.


According to, eliminating LGBTQ health disparities and enhancing efforts to improve the health of LGBTQ residents are necessary to ensure that they can livelong and healthy lives.  Therefore, LGBTQ individuals’ health requires specific attention from health care professionals to address a number of disparities.

For example:

  • LGBTQ youth are two or three times more likely to attempt suicide.
  • Lesbians are less likely to get preventive services for cancer.
  • Gay men are at higher risk of HIV and other STDs, especially among communities of color.
  • Lesbians and bisexual females are more likely to be overweight or obese.
  • Transgender individuals have a high prevalence of HIV/STDs, mental health issues and suicide.
  • Transgender individuals are less likely to have health insurance than heterosexual or lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals.

As we look to improve health outcomes for LGBTQ individuals, the Foundation understands that the social determinants of health and emotional wellness are hurdles to achieving full access and inclusion for LGBTQ community. To promote good health for all LGBTQ individuals, it is important to balance economic stability, education, social and community context, neighborhood and environment as well as health care issues.  

Our Goal

To unite our diverse community to ensure equality, justice and inclusion of our LGBTQ neighbors throughout Broward.

What We Have Learned

The spirit of our community must always be one that accepts people for who they are. This includes the LGBTQ community.  For more than 35 years, the Community Foundation of Broward has invested in a better quality of life for all in Broward.  


The Foundation hosted a series of listening sessions where we learned LGBTQ residents feel confined and seek inclusion and acceptance within the entire community. But the broader community lacks sensitivity to their unique needs.  As a result, LGBTQ residents will hide their LGBTQ identity rather than seek help from a non-LGBTQ social service organization.  Without inclusion and acceptance built into the culture of non-LGBTQ social service organizations, LGBTQ residents will not receive equal and fair treatment and/or have equal opportunities in employment, housing and health care.  For full inclusion and acceptance to manifest in all areas of society, straight and gay people must unite.


The Foundation seeks to create institutional culture change within all organizations to openly welcome and include LGBTQ residents. Since the launch of Broward Pride, we have seen great traction with our previously supported projects when a mainstream organization works collaboratively and in tandem with an LGBTQ organization to implement and create sustainable change.  

Broward Pride Celebration
June 27, 2018

Leaders from Broward’s LGBTQ community gathered to celebrate how far the community has come and to acknowledge the work that is needed to further create a community where all residents feel accepted and included.

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