Broward has more same-sex couples, or households than any other county in Florida. As our community and LGBT population continue to grow, issues arise and become more complex. The issues that affect Broward residents acutely affect LGBT residents. Based on a series of listening sessions hosted by the Community Foundation of Broward over the past year, we learned LGBT residents feel confined and seek inclusion and acceptance within the entire community. But the broader community lacks sensitivity to their unique needs. LGBT residents 'go back in the closet' or hide their LGBT identity rather than seek help from non-LGBT social service organizations. Without inclusion and acceptance built into the culture of non-LGBT social service organizations, LGBT residents will not receive equal and fair treatment and/or have equal opportunities in employment, housing and health care. For more on this issue, please read our special report: Broward Pride: A Report to the Community.

Our Goal

To unite our diverse community to ensure equality, justice and inclusion of our LGBT neighbors throughout Broward.

What We Have Learned

The spirit of our community must always be one that accepts people for who they are, this includes the LGBT community.  For more than 34 years, the Community Foundation has invested in the quality of life for all in Broward.  LGBT residents deserve to live openly and be accepted without stigma or discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity and be a part of our community where all residents are greater together.  For full inclusion and acceptance to manifest in all areas of society, straight and gay people must unite.

Broward Pride Celebration
June 27, 2018

Leaders from Broward’s LGBT community gathered to celebrate how far the community has come and to acknowledge the work that is needed to further create a community where all residents feel accepted and included.

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