Young people often struggle to find their first summer or part-time job because employers say they lack critical “people” skills and digital skills.  Therefore, employers pick more seasoned workers versus giving them a chance to prove themselves. Without these job opportunities, young people are at an increased risk for a host of negative outcomes, such as: long spells of unemployment, poverty, criminal behavior, substance abuse, and incarceration.

Our Goal

Our goal is to shape tomorrow’s workforce today. We seek to help young people gain skills through hands-on employment opportunities to develop the skills necessary for future career success.

What We Have Learned

Based on information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and CareerSource Broward, at the end of Summer 2021, youth employment rose 8% in comparison to the previous year during the height of the coronavirus.  With this increase, employers have observed that young people need more training in soft skills, such as critical thinking and dependability, as well as more digital skills training.

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