State and local natural resource and climate change experts predict that continued urban development combined with the sea level rise projected for Broward County over the next 10 years will have numerous detrimental impacts. This includes increased flooding from severe weather events; inundation and shoreline recession; saltwater contamination of drinking water supplies; as well as reduced and fragmented animal habitat. Sea level rise is projected to cost more than $5 billion by 2035.

Our Goal

To unite to make Broward a more livable and sustainable place to call home.

Why It Matters

Habitat protection, energy consumption and quality air and water are all matters of concern if we want to sustain the health of our community. Indigenous habitats are at critically low levels and our air, water and soil qualities continue to decline at an alarming rate. Our nation's coastal ecosystems are in continuous decline and are further threatened by increasing coastal development and rising sea levels. Approximately 328 miles of Florida's coastline (40%) are eroding enough to threaten existing developments, recreation areas and near-shore habitats that are home to the majority plant and animal species in the state. 88% of Broward's 24 miles of shoreline are considered degraded and critically eroded - meaning our beach and dune system is unable to serve as our first line of defense against storms acting as a buffer between the storm waves and coastal communities.

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Other Issues that Matter