'Eco Hub' - Broward's new environmental collaboration

New engagement, education and action for Broward’s environment

April 21, 2022
Support for the Youth Environmental Alliance's beach planting projects is one of the ways that environmental grants from the Community Foundation of Broward restore wildlife habitat and make our coastline more resilient to climate change.

On the eve of Earth Day, the Community Foundation of Broward is announcing a new collaboration to boost support for the environment and make our community more resilient to climate change.

We are teaming up with the Museum of Discovery and Science in Fort Lauderdale to launch a Broward Eco Hub for Resiliency Education.

Anchored at the museum, this Eco Hub will champion community engagement, education and action for environmental sustainability and resiliency in Broward.

With $300,000 in support from the Community Foundation spread over the next three years, the Eco Hub will:

  • Raise community awareness about sea-level rise and other local challenges of climate change
  • Bring together residents, community leaders, businesses and others to broaden engagement about making Broward more resilient to climate change
  • Create museum exhibits and programs that educate visitors, encourage dialogue and inspire action about resiliency and sustainability
  • Encourage environmental collaborations that foster workable solutions

In addition, through a network of nonprofits brought together by the Eco Hub, the Community Foundation will continue to support innovative opportunities to protect Broward’s fragile environment, raise awareness about environmental challenges and develop strategies to make our community more resilient to climate change.

“This is an exciting opportunity to raise awareness about challenges we face and actions we can take to make our vibrant community more resilient and environmentally sustainable,” said Sheri Brown Grosvenor, Community Foundation Vice President of Community Impact. “With the Museum of Discovery and Science as a partner, the new Eco Hub will create an innovative platform for community engagement that produces real solutions.”

Creation of the Eco Hub is the latest Community Foundation collaboration to fuel support for Broward’s environment. In September, Spirit Airlines donated $50,000 to the Community Foundation to support efforts to protect and restore the environment.

Later this spring, Spirit’s donation will be a part of a new wave of Community Foundation grants to support and uplift Broward’s environment. Through the years, Community Foundation grants have made it possible to restore beach dunes, clean up waterways, plant trees, study climate change implications, protect wildlife habitat and much, much more.

At the Community Foundation, we know that protecting Broward’s environment creates a more vibrant and resilient place to live, for generations to come.

Thanks to the dedicated philanthropists who create charitable funds at the Community Foundation to support the environment, we will always be there to help make Broward a more vibrant, resilient and sustainable place to call home.

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To learn how the Community Foundation of Broward can help you can create a BOLD impact with your philanthropy, contact Vice President of Philanthropic Services Nancy Thies at nthies@cfbroward.org or 954-761-9503.

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