The arts ignite creativity, invoke community pride and create a sense of place that connects people to where they live and to each other. Unfortunately, the arts face many challenges our community must overcome:

  • As Broward grows, the art and culture scene is not keeping pace with the demand for accessible and affordable opportunities to engage in the arts. As a result, people seek arts outlets in neighboring counties to satisfy their desire to engage in the arts.
  • Leadership to innovate and advance Broward’s arts sector must grow. As a result, cultural centers, music venues and emerging arts neighborhoods would be less fragile and have longevity.
  • The arts do not permeate every neighborhood in Broward. As a result, some communities/neighborhoods are void of the arts (while others flourish), which diminishes residents’ sense of pride.
  • The potential of arts organizations and artists to bridge, build and bond communities using the arts as a tool is not maximized. As a result, we are not increasing the social capital (good will toward one another) and building stronger, unified communities.  
  • State and local budget cuts result in arts organizations suffering. 89% of arts allocations cut in 2018 followed by only a slight increase in the 2019 state budget. Also, private arts giving is a small slice of total philanthropic giving. Most goes to education, religious organizations, and medical research.
Our Goal

Embed the arts into the DNA of Broward in ways that ignite creativity and build community pride and identity. We ultimately want Broward to be recognized as the artistic melting pot of South Florida.

What We Have Learned

Alive. Engaged. Connected. Resilient. These are the characteristics of a vibrant community brought to life through the arts. The arts can be a strong catalyst to improve the health and vitality of our community as we evolve. Imagine how much enriched Broward County would be if more people and institutions worked together to expand and elevate the arts throughout all of the community. The arts are an essential element that creates a ripple effect of benefits throughout our community. The arts:

  • Add vibrancy to a community and make it an inspiring place to live and visit.
  • Transcend differences, break down barriers, and unify us in positive and meaningful ways.
  • Empower people to move to action to affect change.
  • Help people and communities heal during difficult times, foster dialogue and interaction, and promote creative learning that engages our imagination and gives us new ways of thinking.
  • Contribute to our thriving economy. 6900+ arts-related businesses provide 30,000+ jobs. The arts attracts tourism that fuels local business.

Uniting the Community Through the Arts
August 3, 2018

The arts not only provide an outlet to bring out the creativity that exists in our community, they also unite us and create a sense of place that connects us to where we live - and each other.

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