Grant Opportunities:
Art of Community
What We Are Looking for
  1. We are looking for projects that meet these two outcomes:
  • Build community or civic engagement and create dialogue and expression for a social justice issues across different cross sectors of our residents.
  • Help residents to address social justice problems and build relationships.

AND address any of the many social justice issues such as education, health, economic development, human rights, racial inequality, LGBT+, violence, etc.

Art projects can be a new or existing. We also welcome arts projects that replicate or expand a successful national model in Broward.

  1. We want to see art projects for social change that have vision, intentionality, and artistic creativity. It can be implemented at arts organizations or any other space in Broward where it will impact people in many ways to raise consciousness, movement building, create a space for expression, and a sense of belonging and community.  Ultimately, for people to be able to experience the arts in unique ways and evoke their senses and emotions.
  1. Types of art strategies that may be used include: performance arts (theater, music, dance spoken word, etc.), film (including documentaries), literature (including storytelling, creative writing), photography, culinary, sculptures, murals, architecture, crafts, technology and others.
Application Information

Application Requirements and Additional Information:

Must use the most current CDC social distancing guidelines.

  • Exhibit a high level of creativity and artistic rigor.
  • Expand a current offering or uncovers new artists’ talents.
  • Engages a professional artist or artist.
  • Preference will be given to projects that target adult residents as the main audience because they are the decision-makers that influence children, friends, and the community to support the arts. But we will consider proposals aimed at other age groups too.

The Foundation has eliminated the dollar for dollar match requirement with this RFP.

For more information email Strategic Grants Manager, Angelica Rosas at

Application Start: Closed – Our next RFP cycle is tentatively scheduled to open in the fall of 2021.

Application Deadline: Closed

Q&A RFP Session: Closed

Panel Interviews with Finalists: Closed

Grants Awarded: February 2021

Grant Range: Up to $100,000

Applications only accepted through PhilNet.

Examples of projects that will not be considered:
  1. Fundraising events, celebration functions, private events not open to the public.
  2. Existing arts projects that do not demonstrate significant project expansion.
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Nonprofits with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status to provide services to Broward County. City or county agencies with projects that demonstrate charitable intent in Broward County. Individuals are not eligible to apply. Previous or current grantee organizations must be in good standing with the Foundation and have submitted all required reports and documentation for all prior grants per the grant agreement.

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Non-discrimination Policy

The Foundation will not provide support to organizations which, in their constitution or practice, discriminate against a person or group on the basis of: age, political affiliation, race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, religious belief, ethnicity, or national origin.