54% of Broward workers are employed in low-wage service sector occupations with hourly wages and live paycheck to paycheck.  Their income does not match Broward’s high cost of living and the American Dream is simply out of their reach.

Our Goal

To move struggling families from surviving to thriving by providing a hand up and not a handout.

What We Have Learned

To alleviate the cycle of poverty, the Community Foundation believes we must work to strengthen Broward’s economically challenged adults.   By supporting individuals and families from spiraling into economic despair, we stand a stronger chance to break the cycle of poverty for the next generation. Federal, state and local research tells us that when we reduce the number of residents living in poverty, crime rates go down, education levels increase, residents are healthier and future generations are more likely to be financially independent. The Foundation will help create pathways for generational stability and prosperity to increase the number of self-sufficient residents.

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Other Issues that Matter

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