Art & Culture

Expand, elevate and sustain a vibrant arts community and increase exposure of unique historical and cultural experiences to all residents.

Why It Matters

Arts and culture are core to thriving communities, and vital to connecting people to their neighbors and each other. It can reflect our society and the times in which we are living, and it can be a strong catalyst to improve the health and vitality of our community. Arts and culture give artists the opportunity to use their unique and compelling vantage points to make powerful statements on the issues of the day.

Since 2012, the Foundation has stood with the arts and culture community with strong financial support.  We have consistently convened artists and organizations to share and learn together on how to best elevate the arts and engage the residents.  We have evolved our focus within the arts over the years to broaden our reach into more communities, expand the types of arts provided, and create opportunities for more arts and culture organizations and artists to be supported.

The Americans for the Arts Florida Factsheet, as of March 16, 2022, indicates that arts and culture in Florida is a significant industry that contributes to economic growth and jobs for residents, representing 2.9%of the state’s GDP.  Historically, arts programs have been underfunded and are the first program to be reduced during challenging financial times.  The arts and culture sector has struggled to stay afloat and suffered a direct economic impact from the pandemic of more than $26M in terms of loss of revenue and new expenses. As state and local budget cuts continue, more support is needed to create a thriving arts scene that reaches every corner and neighborhood in Broward because the arts are an investment that delivers both community impact and economic vitality.

Too many residents remain cut off from the power of the arts and culture programs than can unite, inspire, and enliven our community. We want to see art and culture embedded into the DNA of Broward in ways that ignite creativity, build community pride and identity, and engage all residents. Because art and culture are essential elements that create ripple effects that benefit the entire community. It can:

  • Transcend differences and break down barriers
  • Help people heal during difficult times
  • Inspire and foster dialogue and interaction
  • Celebrate our rich and diverse cultures and history
  • Support cultural treasures

What We Are Looking For

To expand access to the arts for all including young, old, special needs, LGBTQ residents, or arts education, lifelong learning, multicultural heritage, and historic experiences. For example:

  • Art Education — Enable the arts to improve youth and adult literacy using arts as a tool and stimulate career pathways.
  • Art Therapy — Provide help to residents to heal during difficult times.
  • Cultural Assets — Sustain and grow our art and cultural assets, propel the arts to create a more enriching community with a focus on libraries, cultural institutions, history, and humanities.
  • Traditional Arts — Elevate and prioritize the arts within the public and private sectors and promote collaboration to strengthen the arts sector and for educational, social, and economic impact through live performances, painting, murals, film, public art installations, song, dance, and more.
  • Individual Artists — Support provided through our partnership with Broward Cultural Division’s Artist Innovation program for Broward-based professional artists.


Since 2016, the Community Foundation of Broward has invested $3.9m in more than 98 different projects that have engaged more than 100,000+ residents in arts experiences sprinkled throughout 70% of Broward cities.

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