Private Foundation Alternatives

Running a private foundation comes with administrative hassles, endless solicitations and other obligations that can temper the joy of philanthropy. Partnering with the Community Foundation of Broward offers a simpler way to accomplish your charitable goals.

Whether you are just getting started with philanthropy or already have a private foundation, the Community Foundation can maximize your charitable impact – while you get to focus on the joy of philanthropy.

“I get all the administrative services of a private foundation plus the Community Foundation’s unmatched expertise to amplify my impact. I love how they make it easy to involve my children and grow our family’s philanthropy.”
- Doria Camaraza, Community Foundation Fundholder
“I don’t have the time to research all the important issues, so we moved a significant portion of our family foundation assets to the Community Foundation of Broward. Now the Community Foundation team comes to me with expertly selected opportunities to make a difference on the issues I care about. They also measure the impact created by every gift I give, which is how they make sure my philanthropy is truly effective.”
- Steve Hudson, of the Hudson Family Foundation, who is a Community Foundation Fundholder and Community Builder

Just getting started or planning to increase your philanthropy?

By creating a charitable fund at the Community Foundation, you get all the benefits of a private foundation plus so much more.

  • Receive expert guidance about top community issues and innovative opportunities for your support to make a lasting difference.
  • We handle startup costs, tax filings, recordkeeping and investments for you. You save time and gain greater tax advantages.
  • Leverage your giving with others to create even more impact.
  • Ensure enduring support in your name, or anonymously, for the charitable purposes you care about the most.

Already have a Private Foundation?

By converting your private foundation to a charitable fund or creating a companion fund at the Community Foundation, we can help you amplify your impact.

  • Gain access to our outstanding grantmaking services. We identify hidden gem organizations best suited for your support.
  • Keep your foundation’s identity and ability to recommend grants. Let us handle time-consuming administrative duties.
  • Broaden your community impact by leveraging your support with like-minded philanthropists at the Community Foundation.
  • Create a succession plan to preserve your foundation’s philanthropic intent and ensure a legacy of BOLD impact.

Let’s get this partnership started!

Let’s talk about how partnering with the Community Foundation can make your charitable giving easier, more enjoyable and more impactful than ever.

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