New reports highlight local hurdles to racial equity

Broward County Equity Initiative

February 24, 2022

The Urban League of Broward County and Hispanic Unity of Florida recently released two reports exploring the inequities people of color face in Broward.  

These groundbreaking reports shine a light on opportunity gaps in our community. They also reveal that the pandemic is worsening the gaps for people of color to access health care, education and employment.

At the Community Foundation of Broward, we know local philanthropy plays an important role helping residents overcome inequities and break through barriers to success. Knowledge gained from these reports will help guide the Community Foundation’s work to champion racial equity, diversity and inclusion.

Click here to read report from the Urban League of Broward County entitled the "State of Black Broward."

Click here to read the report from Hispanic Unity of Florida entitled the "State of Hispanic & Immigrant Broward."

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