New Art Of Community Grants Support Social Justice

April 15, 2021
The Community Foundation of Broward's new Art of Community grants support seven projects that will spark conversations and encourage cooperation to find social justice solutions.

How do we heal when the wounds of injustice run so deep?

How do we find our way forward when hurdles to equality seem so insurmountable?

The power of the arts provides a great opportunity to start answering our community’s call for social justice.

At this historic time with so many calling for change, the arts can help us talk to each other, raise awareness and spur positive action. Through the arts, we can break through the barriers that divide us. We can bridge our differences and begin to build better communities.

Fundholders at the Community Foundation of Broward are making this happen with their support for Art of Community – philanthropy that ignites creativity, invokes community pride and unites local residents through the arts.

This year, new Art of Community projects will spark conversations and encourage cooperation to find social justice solutions.

Exciting new projects made possible by $503,800 in Art of Community Grants include:

  • African-American Research Library & Cultural Center: Establish an arts residency program where social justice-themed projects will engage the community on issues such as pay equity, access to health care, and discrimination based on race or sexual orientation. The project culminates with an Art and Activism Festival to showcase artwork and performances produced through the arts in residency program.
  • Art and Culture Center Hollywood:  Feature two short documentary films and a curated gallery exhibition that address inclusion, acceptance and equality for Black and LGBT+ individuals. Local residents will engage in important conversations at film screenings, panel discussions and gallery showings.
  • Art Prevails Project: Residents will participate in hands-on arts activities at monthly sessions, infused with sing-alongs and other artistic performances, at the FATVillage warehouse district in downtown Fort Lauderdale. In a “camp fire” inspired concept, participants will discuss racism, the repercussions of mass incarceration and other important social justice topics.
  • Broward Performing Arts Foundation: Music, theatrical performances, dance and more – both in person and virtually – will enable audiences to explore racial inequality, human rights, LGBT+ issues and more. The group Black Violin will lead this effort to engage residents through the arts. Also, an advisory panel of Black influencers will help shape the program content. The project culminates in an outdoor arts festival in Esplanade Park.
  • Inside Out Theatre Company: A theatre and storytelling project will engage residents through community forums, podcasts and an original theatre production at the Sunrise Civic Center Theatre, with a focus on prejudice people face based on race, age, religion and gender.
  • NSU Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale: A series of live performances by local and national artists that address racial inequalities, identity, migration and social structures. Each performance will be accompanied by a Q&A with the artist and a museum educator. This program will engage the community in conversations about social justice, celebrate diversity and promote healing in a time of trauma.
  • YMCA South Florida: The new L.A. Lee Mizell YMCA Community Center will host a variety of arts activities centered on social justice issues. Artist Niki Lopez will lead participants in workshops that result in creating theatrical performances, art exhibitions and the “I Have a Dream Wall” mural.
Art of Community grants support performances, murals, sculptures, films, workshops and other opportunities for the arts to connect, inspire and unite Broward residents.

Support for the new Art of Community projects came from the following Funds at the Community Foundation:

Helen and Frank Stoykov Charitable Endowment Fund, Ruth H. Brown Fund for the Arts, Dot and Keith Cobb Fund, Mary and Alex Mackenzie Community Impact Fund, Edward Hashek and John Jors Charitable Fund, Leonard & Sally Robbins Fund, Everett H. Metcalf, Jr. Unrestricted Fund, Mary N. Porter Community Impact Fund, Community Concerts Association of Fort Lauderdale Performing Arts Fund, A Fund for the Performing Arts, Linda and Michael Carter Fund, John D. Ryan Fund, Harold D. Franks Fund, Gary J. Scotto Fund, Discretionary Community Fund, Oakland Park Woman’s Club, Deinhardt Charitable Fund, Ann Adams Fund, The Robert Elmore Family Fund, Maxine Powers Hofert Fund, Peter J. and Mary C. Barbare Fund, Barbara and Michael G. Landry Fund for Broward, Peck Family Fund, Julia C.  Baldwin Fund, Frederick W. Jaqua Fund

Click here to learn more about the Community Foundation of Broward's commitment to social justice.

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To learn how you can help support Art of Community and other Issues That Matter to Broward, contact Vice President of Philanthropic Services Nancy Thies at or954-761-9503.

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