Community Foundation: Staying Connected, Ready to Help During The Coronavirus Crisis

March 21, 2020

Community Foundation: Answers About Crisis Response and Helpful Contact Information


At the Community Foundation of Broward, we are doing our part to help slow the spread of coronavirus to reduce the risk to our staff and our stakeholders. For everyone’s safety, we have closed our office and our staff is working remotely.

Even though we’re not in the office, our expert team is available and ready to serve our Fundholders, Legacy Society Members, Professional Advisors and Nonprofit organizations.

Below, you will find answers to many of the questions we have received since the health crisis began. Also included below is the direct contact information for members of our expert team who can provide further assistance. All calls and email will receive a response within 24 hours during the business week.


How to Advise on a Grant From Your Donor-Advised Fund

Fundholders can make grant advisements using our online portal PhilNet. (Click here to access PhilNet.) Our Charitable Funds Services Managers are also available to help you via phone or email.

To advise on a grant from your Fund or to discuss how your giving can create the greatest impact during this crisis, please contact:

Support for Professional Advisors

We know that professional advisors are continuing to serve the needs of clients during this unprecedented crisis. We’re here to help you. Our Philanthropic Services Team is available via phone or email to answer your questions and establish new charitable Funds and/or planned gifts.

For expert assistance to address your client’s needs, please contact:

Grant Processing and Vendor Payments

All grants and vendor payments will be processed according to our regular schedule. All communications including grant award letters and gift acknowledgements will continue to be processed as well. If a full community lockdown prevents us from accessing our office to print and mail hard copy checks, we will provide details regarding how these activities will be handled moving forward.

For questions about grant processing and vendor payments, please contact:

Flexibility for Grantees

We understand this is a challenging time for nonprofits responding to our community’s immediate needs. If specific activities you have agreed to conduct under your grant agreement require a gathering of participants, you should only do so at your discretion. Whenever possible, please use technology to interact with program participants. Postponing or canceling activities WILL NOT negatively impact your grant with the Foundation. Following CDC guidelines is recommended.

If you are unable to meet either a Foundation grant program application deadline or the deadline for submitting a grant report for a prior award, please contact:

Strength and Stability of Foundation Investments

In this time of market volatility, we are fortunate to have an active, experienced investment committee and investment consultant paying careful attention to the market and our investments. As you know, we have responsible policies and strategies in place to maintain our strength through varying market conditions. For long-term investors like the Foundation, it’s important not to panic. Patience and prudence are critical. History is also a valuable guide during times like this. The Foundation remained strong and stable through the Tech Bubble collapse of 2000 and the 2008 Recession. While negative news regarding coronavirus and its economic impact is likely to continue for some time, we remain confident in the long-term strength and stability of our investments, and our ability to continue making grants that create bold impact in Broward.

For additional information, contact:

How You Can Help

We are living through a once-in-a-century moment. Times like this call for fortitude, courage – and perhaps more than all – generosity.

Our team remains hard at work assessing the impact coronavirus is having on our community, and developing short-term and long-term strategies for creating bold impact where it’s needed most in Broward.

You can help by adding to your Fund at the Community Foundation, if you have one. You can create a new endowed Fund at the Foundation if you don’t. You can’t predict the future, but through your endowed Fund you can address today’s pressing needs and tomorrow’s long-term recovery efforts.

To get started, contact:

  • Nancy Thies, Vice President, Philanthropic Services –; 954-761-9503, ext. 106
  • Jennifer Powers, Jennifer Powers, Philanthropic ServicesManager –; 954-761-9503, ext. 113
General Questions

If you have a general question about the Community Foundation of Broward or would like to speak with someone regarding our services or our work to create bold impact on Broward’s issues that matter, email or leave a message at 954-761-9503. Email and voicemail will receive a response within 24-hours during the business week.

Media Inquiries

If you are a member of the media wishing to speak with a member of our team. Please contact Kirk Englehardt, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, at or call 954-761-9503, ext. 105.

A Message From President/CEO Linda B. Carter Regarding Coronavirus


Dear Friends,

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation unfolds, I want to you to know we continue to BE BOLD for Broward.

The Community Foundation of Broward has a strong track record of working on the Issues That Matter in our community, and the coronavirus is no different.


Here are some things I’d like for you to know:

  • We’re monitoring COVID-19 closely: Every day is a moving target, but the Foundation team has its ears to the ground and has access to thought-leaders across all sectors of the business, government and nonprofit communities – locally, regionally and nationally. By being informed we can ensure the philanthropy deployed from Funds at the Foundation is non-duplicative and leveraged for the greatest community results.
  • We’re committed to responsible philanthropy: It’s still too early to know how our community will be changed once coronavirus is gone, but it’s clear that struggling workers will need help getting back on their feet, seniors will need increased assistance and bold new efforts will be needed to help Broward residents get healthy – and stay that way. We have been working on these Issues That Matter for years (Economic Independence, BFit, Dignity in Aging). This pandemic has magnified the importance of endowed Funds devoted to these issues to help our neighbors in need. We see the big picture and will ensure grants from our many Funds will be used to help where help is needed most in Broward.
  • We’re here for the long-term: In time, government dollars will disappear and the media will focus its attention somewhere else. The Community Foundation of Broward is uniquely positioned to support long-term bold impact because years ago forward-thinking individuals created endowed Funds with us that continue to impact our community today. These Funds provide the philanthropic muscle to create real change on major issues that can’t be solved overnight.

And what can you do?

  • Stay healthy. Practice social distancing and follow all the protocols to not participate in the spreading of the virus. You can find details at
  • Continue your philanthropy. If you give directly to a nonprofit, they will need you now more than ever. Don’t stop. Many organizations have cancelled significant fundraising events which will affect their ability to deliver critical services for many months after this crisis is over.
  • BE BOLD: Add to your Fund at the Community Foundation, if you have one. Create a new endowed Fund at the Foundation if you don’t. You can’t predict the future, but through your endowed Fund you will address the issues that really matter today and tomorrow.

Let’s keep in touch,

Linda B. Carter


Contact Information

You can reach the Community Foundation of Broward at and 954-761-9503.

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