Community Foundation Support For Harvest Drive Feeds Broward Residents During Pandemic

September 10, 2020
Support from the Community Foundation of Broward has enabled Harvest Drive, Inc. to pack more than 260 bags full of nonperishable foods to feed more than 800 local residents during the pandemic.

Meals for a mother struggling to put food on her family’s table during Broward’s economic tailspin.

Meals for a grandmother already fighting cancer and now fending off the coronavirus.

And meals for many, many more Broward residents in need of a hand up to overcome a devastating pandemic.

Thanks to the power of local philanthropy, Harvest Drive, Inc. over the summer has provided emergency meals for more than 800 of Broward’s most vulnerable residents.

With $20,000 in support from the Community Foundation of Broward, Harvest Drive was able to pack more than 260 bags full of cereal, soup, pasta, canned goods and other nonperishable foods – each bag containing enough food for 11 meals.

In addition to food, bags included toothpaste, shaving kits and other toiletries. Hand sanitizer and other pandemic supplies also found their way to struggling residents.

The Davie nonprofit organization’s three rounds of emergency deliveries over the summer wouldn’t have happened without Community Foundation grants, said Amy Freund, Harvest Drive Program Coordinator.

“It meant the world to us and to the families that we serve to be able to continue our work through the summer,” Freund said. “We plan to continue these packings as needed until we get through the COVID-19 crisis.”

The Community Foundation grants for Harvest Drive were made possible by support from the Stella Fund at the Community Foundation as well as The Humana Foundation.

Harvest Drive packs hundreds of bags full of cereal, soup, pasta, canned goods and other nonperishable foods - each bag containing enough food for 11 meals.

This support for Harvest Drive is just one example of more than $3 million in immediate crisis response the Community Foundation has provided during the pandemic – through emergency grants, grant flexibility, new collaborations and other innovative support.

But this is only the beginning. As the far-reaching effects of this health and economic crisis continue to unfold, Broward requires long-term investments to solve our community’s growing challenges.

Thanks to the support of visionary Fundholders who create endowed charitable Funds, the Community Foundation will be there every step of the way to help fuel Broward’s bold recovery.

Beyond the immediate crisis response, the Community Foundation has also invested an initial $2 million to tackle the pandemic’s effects on Broward’s Issues That Matter – 10 challenges that affect us all and are critical to a brighter future for our community.

Help for struggling families, our seniors, local schools, the arts, our environment – ongoing investment in these and other Issues That Matter will ensure that the pandemic doesn’t rob Broward residents of the vibrant, thriving community they deserve.

Through the power of endowment, the Community Foundation will be there for Broward’s residents – during this crisis and beyond.

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To learn how your philanthropy can help Broward during this crisis and beyond, contact Vice President of Philanthropic Services Nancy Thies at or 954-761-9503.

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