How An Endowed Charitable Fund, Created A Decade Ago, is Tackling Coronavirus

April 8, 2020
Mary Mackenzie's unrestricted endowed charitable Fund at the Community Foundation of Broward will provide long-term support to help face the local effects of the coronavirus.

Mary Mackenzie didn’t know the coronavirus was coming when she established her unrestricted endowed charitable Fund at the Community Foundation of Broward more than a decade ago.

Mary did know she wanted to create a bold and lasting impact for the community she loved. She wanted her philanthropy to fuel solutions to Broward’s biggest needs of the day – as well as the unknown challenges that would come our way.

So, Mary created her endowed Mary and Alex Mackenzie Community Impact Fund with no restrictions – able to evolve with Broward. She didn’t keep her Fund narrowly focused to one issue because she knew the community’s needs would change over time. She wanted her Fund to help make a difference, come what may.

And today, when Broward needs local philanthropy more than ever, Mary’s Fund is at the forefront of the local response to the coronavirus. Her Fund is helping:

  • Feed people in need.
  • Stabilize families facing unemployment.
  • Engage isolated seniors.
  • Boost access to online mental health counseling for those struggling with anxiety.
  • And much, much more!

This is exactly the kind of flexible and responsive philanthropy Mary envisioned.

The important short-term help from Mary’s Fund is just the beginning. Unrestricted endowed Funds like Mary’s will also be here to provide the lasting support Broward will need once the crisis ends and our community moves down the long road to recovery.  

Since it was established, the Mary and Alex Mackenzie Community Impact Fund has boldly tackled Broward’s biggest issues, which have grown even more daunting due to the coronavirus. Over the years, her Fund has:

  • Helped boost Broward’s high school graduation rate.
  • Moved hundreds of struggling families to financial stability.
  • Furthered acceptance and inclusion of Broward’s LGBT residents.
  • Enabled children aging out of foster care to transition to independence.
  • Improved the quality of life and reduced isolation for Broward seniors.
  • Invested in efforts to tackle climate change.
  • Found forever homes for thousands of shelter animals.
  • Fueled clinical trials for cutting-edge cancer treatments.
“Mary had the utmost confidence in the Community Foundation of Broward and I am sure that she would be very happy with the state of her Fund and proud of the good that it is providing,” said William Sullivan, a former Foundation Board Member who was Mary’s attorney.

He said Mary, who died in 2008, wanted her gift to the Community Foundation, “to do the most good for the longest time possible.” Because she created an endowed charitable Fund, Mary’s legacy of impact will last forever.

Let’s talk about how you can make a lasting impact, like Mary.

To create your own unrestricted endowed Fund, or to explore other Fund options, contact Vice President of Philanthropic Services Nancy Thies at or 954-761-9503.

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