Our Fundholders are bold visionaries and doers who create charitable funds that ensure Broward has resources to tackle the most pressing issues we face today, and tomorrow. We are proud to be your philanthropy partner – helping you maximize the impact of your charitable dollars so you can put your fingerprints on Broward’s future.

Your Charitable Fund

Your philanthropy is carried out through the creation of your charitable fund, which:

  • Is named by you and supports philanthropy that reflects your values, passions and goals.
  • Functions as your powerful alternative to a private foundation – without the additional administrative responsibilities.
  • Amplifies the impact of your charitable dollars by drawing on our philanthropic expertise and community knowledge.
  • Carries on your legacy of community impact.

Charitable Fund Options

You pick the type of charitable fund that suits your philanthropy goals:

  • Unrestricted Endowed Fund for Broward: An endowed Fund for Broward offers the most flexibility in grantmaking. You help tackle Broward’s big challenges today and those that emerge in the future. This type of Fund allows the Community Foundation to determine where your gift can make the most impact in our community.
  • Field of Interest Fund for Broward: If you hold a particular issue close to your heart, a Field of Interest Fund assures that your gift is used to support that issue in ways that reflect your values, passions and goals.
  • Donor-Advised Fund: With a donor-advised Fund at the Community Foundation, you can recommend which community groups and projects should receive grants from your Fund. The Foundation’s philanthropy experts vet those options, share ideas you may not be aware of and then use your direction to guide grantmaking.
  • Designated Fund: A designated Fund allows you to focus grantmaking on specific charitable organizations. You can be assured that organizations you support will have a permanent revenue stream to tackle their missions.
  • Scholarship Fund: Through a scholarship Fund, you provide students the chance to achieve higher education.
  • Agency Endowment Fund: A charitable organization can form an agency endowment Fund to take advantage of the benefits of a diversified investment portfolio and protect the contributions it receives. This allows that charitable organization to concentrate on its mission, while the Community Foundation handles tax reporting, audits and other financial management duties.
Our six-point promise to you
  • YOUR FUND. YOUR VALUES. The Foundation ensures we know who you are and the legacy you want to leave. This personal relationship coupled with your tailor-made Fund for Broward will empower your philanthropy to new heights for the greatest possible impact on Broward.
  • ENJOY YOUR GIVING. Focus exclusively on making a difference on the issues that matter while our full-service team handles the accounting, IRS compliance, financials and administration of your Fund.
  • YOUR PHILANTHROPY CONCIERGE. As a hands-on philanthropy partner, your Charitable Funds Manager is your go-to person to learn about the newest and most innovative ways to make a difference, research the organizations you give to and ensure your support delivers the results you expect.
  • SEE YOUR IMPACT. Witness firsthand the difference your Fund is making for Broward as you visit the organizations and people benefiting from your support, review your annual Fund Snapshot or read our award-winning Community Matters magazine.
  • YOU’RE IN THE KNOW. Stay up to date with your Fund’s financials 24/7 via access to PhilNet, our secure online Fund management tool, and with your Quarterly Fund Statement.
  • YOU STAY CONNECTED. Your Fund for Broward will introduce and connect you to like-minded philanthropists when you attend our inspiring and educational events. You’ll join us as we take a behind-the-scenes look at the big issues facing our community and the difference your philanthropy makes.

Community Builders

Our Community Builders are bold leaders who step up to ensure a better future for the place we call home. They establish endowed charitable Funds of $1 million or more – able to tackle Broward’s biggest challenges today as well as those that emerge in the future. The bold impact of their innovative gifts to the community they love will last forever.
Meet the builders

Legacy Society

Our Legacy Society members are forward-thinkers who believe in the power of endowment to change lives and transform the community they love. They will define Broward’s future through their estate gifts to the Foundation.
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PhilNet for Fundholders

PhilNet is a convenient, online tool designed by the Community Foundation to provide Fundholders with 24/7 access to information about their charitable Funds. It's also a tool that enables them to bring out the best in their philanthropy.
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Deinhardt Society

Libby and Jack Deinhardt founded the Community Foundation of Broward in 1984 to create a permanent source of leadership and philanthropic support, able to tackle Broward’s growing challenges. Support for The Deinhardt Society provides resources the Community Foundation uses to continue the Deinhardts’ noble mission. It fuels our work to identify emerging issues, engage and connect civic leaders, strengthen nonprofits and lead solutions to community challenges. You can help continue this work by joining The Deinhardt Society.
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