Our Legacy Society members are forward-thinkers who believe in the power of endowment to change lives and transform the community they love. They will define Broward’s future through their estate gifts to the Foundation.

The 2020 Legacy Society Luncheon honored bold, forward-thinkers whose estate gifts will transform the community they love. A record number of Legacy Society members were among the nearly 150 Community Foundation supporters who gathered at the Sonesta Fort Lauderdale Beach Hotel on Feb. 14 for the annual celebration of visionaries who have included the Foundation in their estate plan. This year’s luncheon showcased how estate gifts help Broward’s fragile environment with support for ECO Broward projects. The event featured Bryan Norcross, renowned meteorologist and hurricane specialist, who spoke about more opportunities to create bold impact for Broward's environment. Thank you to our generous sponsors: Presenting Sponsor - BNY Mellon Wealth Management; Program Sponsor - WLRN Public Media/Friends of WLRN; Champagne Sponsor -  John Knox Village; and Valet Sponsor- Zimmerman and Associates, Attorneys at Law.

Our Legacy Society

BOLD forward-thinkers who will define Broward’s future
through their estate gifts to the Foundation.
More than $317 million in future gifts committed.

Suzanne Y. and Edward R. Allen

Jeannette Archer-Simons
and Robert E. Simons

Carla and Giorgio Arra

William W. E. Ash III

Mimi Bauer

Ann M. Bederman

Muriel B. Biskup

David C. Bland

Lisa A. Bonk

Richard A. Bray

Rod Breene

Nancy L. Brown

Anita and Ralph M. Byer

Cindy and Jim Caird

Melanie M. Camp

Linda B. and R. Michael Carter

Rita and Rick Case

Barbara R. Castell

Keith and Dot Cobb

Bonnie Collins

Carol Cooper

Frank Crawford

Jan C. Crocker

Jan R. and James A. Cummings

Diane and John Dalsimer

Carolyn Davis and Ned Black

Cathy and James Donnelly

Maggie and Jim Dunn

Susanne and Marty Ellman

Doris D. Emmett

Lorraine and Gerry Farmer

Lawrence “Larry” S. Feuer

Donna Fisher-Williams

Louis and Janine Flematti

Diane and Angelo Gencarelli

Jean and Tom Giordano

Elisa R. and Barry H. Goldman

Mitchell E. Grant

Barbara T. Gray

Wilson B. and Susan Greaton

Barbara Grevior

Madelaine and Steven J. Halmos

Ed Hashek and John Jors

Frank and Roberta Helsom

Ronald Herron

William Victor Higdon

Jane N. Huston

Paige and Steve Hyatt

Lesley Mitchell Jones

Emerson W. Kanode

Cindy and Laurence M. Kashdin

Brigitte Kimmich

Victoria C. Kirby

Walter W. Krueger

David B. Kyner

Lynn and James B. LaBate

Marcy Lambert

Christine L. and Arthur W. Lambertus

Ida and Raymond H. Leightman

Robert Lichtenstein

Thomas H. Lindsey

Beth E. Linzner

Gabriele E. Magdanz

MP and James Malone

Patricia Martinez

Virginia M. McCormick

Alex McCroson and Shawn Powell

James D. McKenzie

Jo Ann K. and Donald B. Medalie

Greg Medalie

Daryl G. Miller

Virginia I. and Thomas J. Miller

Jan Moran

Kent and Carolyn Morgan

Sandra Muvdi

Jacqueline Niehaus

Nanette and Mark Olson

Pat Owen

Susan Nolan Palmer

Sarah and Scott Parker

Ingrid and Brian Poulin

Ann S. Powell

David E. Ratcliffe

Nancy and Dave Reierson

Sally J. Robbins

Hugh E. Root

Amanda and Noah Rosenfarb

Charles L. Ross

Alice J. Rutten

John D. Ryan

Franklin R. Schmidt

Steve and Carole Scott

Grace Dudleck Shepherd

Marianne and Randolph J. Shine

Patricia A. Shub

Leslie Siegel

Eugene C. Smith and David A. Moon

Fred G. Smith

Hilda Sokolowski

William C. Spencer

J.R. Steele

Sandy and J. Kenneth Tate

Steven Jay Thor

Sondra R. Title

Ben and Barbara Tobias

Gregory D. Unwin Moore

Melba Urbanek

Paula Valentine

Elaine Vasquez

Charles L. Verner

Janice Weintraub and Irwin Weideger

Dixie E. Wheeler

June Wise

May Jean Wolff

Kurt Zimmerman

Anonymous (40)