Community Foundation President/CEO Discusses the Impact of the Coronavirus on Local Nonprofit Organizations on WLRN Public Radio

April 17, 2020

Nonprofits have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Many of these local organizations raise money to help struggling families, support isolated seniors, and make food available to those with limited access. They depend on the generosity of others, but with so many of their donors out of work coupled with canceled fundraisers and increased demand for services - their budgets are being hit hard.  

WLRN’s Sundial program recently gathered a panel of community foundations across South Florida that are looking for ways to help nonprofits survive during this time of crisis. The panel featured Linda Carter, President/CEO of the Community Foundation of Broward, where she discussed the innovative ways nonprofits are continuing to provide services and how endowed Funds at the Community Foundation have made it possible to provide support quickly to local nonprofits most in need.

Click here to listen now.

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