How Louise and Rudi Dill’s Endowed Charitable Fund Tackles Broward’s Big Challenges

May 5, 2020

Louise Dill sees firsthand the bold impact of local philanthropy through the Community Foundation of Broward. As a Foundation Board member, Louise helps guide the grants that change lives and transform the community she loves. She knows how the power of endowment makes it possible for our Fundholders and Legacy Society members to shape a brighter future for Broward – during the coronavirus crisis and beyond.

Here’s why Louise says she and her husband Rudi decided to BE BOLD and create the Louise and Rudi Dill Charitable Fund – an unrestricted endowed Fund that utilizes the Community Foundation’s expertise to ensure their philanthropy always tackles the biggest issues of the day.

“Since moving here almost 25 years ago, Rudi and I have seen our community become part of a burgeoning, major metropolitan region. With growth comes opportunities and challenges – many of which were not apparent years ago.”

“Whether it’s our community’s fast-paced growth or an unforeseen crisis like the coronavirus, the impact on our quality of life can be substantial.  Meeting the needs of our community requires resources and leadership.”

“Now more than ever, we must provide the support necessary to sustain and nurture this community that we all enjoy and love so much.”

“Rudi and I believe the Community Foundation is best positioned to identify, vet and address our community's needs – for today and tomorrow.”

“The Foundation has evolved into a significant community leader that thoughtfully and strategically identifies and tackles the issues that matter here in Broward.  Rudi and I have complete confidence in the Foundation’s ability – guided by strong fiduciary and stewardship principles – to meet our philanthropic goals.”

“Creating our unrestricted endowed Louise and Rudi Dill Charitable Fund provides flexibility and resources relevant to Broward’s changing landscape.”

Let’s Get Started!

The Broward we pass to the next generation will be defined by the long-term philanthropic investments we make moving forward.

You love Broward. It’s your home. If you want to create a legacy of bold impact that will last forever, here’s how to get started today:

Speak with your professional advisor (tax and estate attorney, financial advisor or accountant). Let him/her know that you are interested in creating a personalized endowed charitable Fund at the Community Foundation.

Your advisor can also help you sort through the many ways you can give. Cash, publicly traded securities, retirement plans, life insurance, real estate, stocks, closely held business interests and estate gifts are all potential ways to establish your charitable Fund at the Community Foundation.

You can also contact the Foundation directly to learn more about how your philanthropy through an endowed charitable Fund can create a better Broward for future generations. Simply call Jennifer Powers, Philanthropic Services Manager, at 954-761-9503 or email her directly at

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