Transforming Huizenga Park

Creating Downtown Fort Lauderdale’s New ‘Outdoor Living Room’

May 16, 2023

The Community Foundation of Broward is collaborating with the Downtown Development Authority, the Huizenga Park Foundation and other community partners to raise support for "Huizenga Park Reimagined."

This public/private partnership will bring new amenities to the park, improve its connection to the Riverwalk and nearby art museum, incorporate public art, enhance public gathering spots and so much more.

“All world-class cities have world-class parks,” said Steve Hudson, Huizenga Park Foundation Chair and former Community Foundation Chair. “That's what the reimagined Huizenga Park will be, a world-class park.”

Watch this video learn more about transforming Huizenga Park into Fort Lauderdale’s new "outdoor living room."

Listen to the Community Foundation podcast episode where Steve Hudson shares his vision for "Huizenga Park Reimagined."

Renderings of the Huizenga Park Reimagined project to transform the park into a world-class downtown attraction.
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