Be Bold Prize: Winner Coming Soon

December 22, 2020


Unemployment skyrocketed in Broward County and across the nation when the coronavirus pandemic began, upending the fragile financial well-being of millions of families. Local workers, especially those in service, hospitality, tourism, retail and health care industries, have experienced unprecedented levels of instability, with many suffering from job loss or struggling to support themselves and their families with low-paying, temporary or part-time jobs.


The events of 2020 exacerbated historical inequities in our country. People of color, particularly black and brown residents, are now dealing with a dual pandemic – both the coronavirus and continued systemic racial injustice. These communities continue to be affected at higher rates by the sobering health impacts of the pandemic as well as layoffs and shift reductions as businesses grapple with closures and limited business hours.  Now is the time to tackle COVID-19 job loss and the amplified impact it has had on communities of color.

The Community Foundation of Broward launched the BE BOLD Prize, with a goal to help as many Broward County residents, especially people of color, who have been displaced from the workforce due to the coronavirus, to gain stable employment within the next two years.

The challenge is to create new initiatives or scale up proven initiatives that will get Broward County residents back to work.

We are looking for more than just bold ideas. We are looking for an innovative opportunity or solution that if awarded can be set in motion immediately – ultimately getting Broward residents back to work as quickly as possible. The goals and metrics determined by the awarded initiative will be measured over the two-year period to determine its success. Our intent is to encourage new ways of thinking that move beyond traditional workforce development programs and expand the potential for transformative community impact.

The Community Foundation of Broward will award a $1 million prize to implement the most innovative idea/solution.

The winner will be selected based on the boldness of the solution proposed, the potential for transformative impact, and the likelihood that the solution can be successfully implemented producing results within the two-year funding period.




  • The challenge launched on January 4, 2021 and the application deadline closed on April 9, 2021

Click here to download the Be Bold Prize RFP.

Click here to apply.

Click here for FAQs

Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation from our January 27th Be Bold Prize Zoom Info Session.

Click here to watch a video of our January 27th Be Bold Prize Zoom Info Session.

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