BOLD Start: Nonprofit Center’s First Year Impact

Broward Center for Nonprofit Excellence

September 8, 2023
Cathy Brown, Director of the Broward Center for Nonprofit Excellence, leads a training session for local nonprofits.

In the fall of 2022, the Community Foundation of Broward launched the Broward Center for Nonprofit Excellence to nurture and strengthen the charitable organizations that play such a critical role in the lives of our residents.

In its first year, the Nonprofit Center has already established itself as a go-to resource for nonprofit professionals, volunteers and supporters to amplify their charitable organizations’ impact in our community.

Under the guidance of Director Cathy Brown, the Nonprofit Center delivers:

  • Training, mentoring and continuing education
  • Support for capacity building and core mission work
  • Easy-to-use online tools and information
  • Grants to support emerging nonprofits

Already, more than 3,000 participants have benefited from the premiere training, tools and other resources the Nonprofit Center offers. Click here to see a summary of Nonprofit Center’s first year impact.

“It’s exciting to see how quickly the Nonprofit Center is becoming a valuable resource for the nonprofit community to build up their skills and strengthen their capacity to make life better in Broward,” Nonprofit Center Director Cathy Brown said. “We are just getting started!”


  • 3,690 Nonprofit Center participants benefited from training, continuing education, networking and other engagement
  • 750 nonprofits helped by Nonprofit Center resources
  • 99% rating of “Good/Excellent” by training participants
  • $720,000 “Small Grants” awarded to help emerging nonprofits sustain or expand their vital community services
  • Click here to see the full summary of the Nonprofit Center’s first year impact
Learn More

Contact Nonprofit Center Director Cathy Brown at or 954-761-9503, ext. 119

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