New Philanthropy Study Reveals Broward’s ‘Untapped Potential’

July 9, 2021
An exciting new philanthropy study, commissioned by the Community Foundation of Broward, points to significant sources of untapped potential support that could change lives in Broward.

An eye-opening special report, commissioned by the Community Foundation of Broward, shines new light on the strengths, deficiencies and powerful potential of local philanthropy.

This exciting new research study, entitled “Untapped Potential: Growing Philanthropy in Broward,” breaks down the numbers and reveals how Broward’s charitable giving stacks up against similar communities in Florida and across the nation. This report reveals Broward’s most philanthropic zip codes, projects Broward’s true philanthropy potential and much more.

The study found that the generosity of Broward residents makes life better in our community, thanks to more than $1 billion a year in local charitable donations.

Yet we know the needs of our growing community already outpace Broward’s philanthropic resources. And the study shows that Broward’s charitable giving lags behind similarly sized communities.

The study’s findings point to significant sources of untapped potential support, which could vault Broward’s philanthropic resources to exciting new levels. For example:

  • By giving at the same percentage as their peers, Broward’s upper-income donors could generate an additional $308 million a year to tackle community needs.
  • Broward’s total donations could grow to $1.9 billion a year – a $700 million annual boost in critical resources – if all local donors gave at the same level as their Florida peers.

Armed with these findings, the Community Foundation is calling on everyone who loves Broward – residents, civic organizations, local businesses, policymakers, private foundations and more – to join with us to help overcome Broward’s charitable giving gap. By working together, we can ensure that our community has the resources it needs to be a thriving, welcoming place to call home for generations to come.

Click here to DOWNLOAD this special report about Broward’s true giving potential.

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