New Face Shields Will Guard Against The Coronavirus in Broward

July 16, 2020
Support from the Community Foundation of Broward enables Florida Atlantic University to increase production of new face shields to protect front line workers and others from the coronavirus.

With South Florida becoming the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, masks and other protective equipment are needed more than ever.

Now new locally made face shields will help protect more Broward residents from the coronavirus, thanks to support from the Community Foundation of Broward.

A $19,367 emergency response grant from the Community Foundation enables Florida Atlantic University to produce 5,000 face shields for first responders, front-line workers and more.

FAU in March started manufacturing hygienic, eco-friendly face shields at the School’s Fabrication Laboratory on the Fort Lauderdale Campus. With the new grant, FAU can buy four new 3D printers along with supplies necessary to ramp up production. It’s a “game changer,” project leader Jeff Huber said.

“This new equipment will mean many more face shields going to those who need them, not to mention serving the School and its students for years to come,” said Huber, interim director of FAU’s School of Architecture.

This infusion of support for face shield production is a result of the Community Foundation’s dynamic collaboration with The Humana Foundation to deliver crisis relief where it’s needed most in Broward.

Florida Atlantic University is using the Community Foundation of Broward grant to buy four new 3D printers to speed up production of 5,000 new face shields.

When The Humana Foundation needed a Broward expert to help them make the greatest impact with their local coronavirus relief, they turned to the Community Foundation. Now the Community Foundation is using its deep community knowledge and philanthropic expertise to help The Humana Foundation figure out where their $250,000 gift can make the biggest difference in Broward.

FAU’s face shield production is one of 12 new projects the Community Foundation identified to receive emergency grants from The Humana Foundation’s gift.

This project is an example of how local philanthropy through the Community Foundation continues to tackle this unprecedented health and economic crisis. The Community Foundation has already provided more than $2 million in immediate coronavirus response, through new grants as well as easing restrictions on existing grants so local nonprofits can pivot to tackle residents’ greatest challenges.

This crucial immediate support has been made possible by our Fundholders who have established endowed charitable Funds at the Community Foundation. And this is just the start.

We know the far-reaching effects of this pandemic will be with us for years to come. Because of local philanthropists who create endowed Funds at the Community Foundation, we will be there to tackle Broward’s biggest challengers – during this crisis and beyond.

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For more information about how your philanthropy can help Broward face the coronavirus crisis, contact Vice President of Philanthropic Services Nancy Thies at or 954-761-9503.

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