‘Markham Health and Resources Hub’ Supports Families in Need

December 18, 2023
Yvette Lawson and Sheri Brown Grosvenor of the Community Foundation of Broward volunteer at the 2023 Markham Winterfest, which provided provided free toys, food and medical services to hundreds of children and families in need.

Your zip code shouldn’t determine your life expectancy.

Yet, lack of health care and limited access to affordable, healthy food are common problems for neighborhoods predominantly made up of lower-income, minority residents.

Now, Pompano Beach residents in need are getting an infusion of support for healthier living through the Community Foundation of Broward’s new Markham Health and Resources Hub.

Similar to the South Broward Community Health Hub, the Markham Health and Resources Hub is our latest collaboration with nonprofits, businesses, local governments, faith-based organizations and residents to overcome health inequities and make healthy living resources more readily available.

In August 2023, we helped coordinate the first-ever Back-to-School Kickoff for Markham Elementary, which featured free school supplies, health checkups and connections to helpful social services for hundreds of students, their families and nearby residents. This built on the success of the Winterfest at Markham Elementary, where during the last two holiday seasons more than 1,000 attendees have enjoyed free health screenings, groceries, face painting, arts and crafts, toy giveaways and more.

Our $350,000 in support for the Markham Health and Resources Hub is just one of the ways that the Community Foundation helps residents overcome obstacles to healthier living due to poverty, discrimination and other systemic hurdles.

Free medical screenings are one of the services provided by the Markham Health and Resources Hub to help promote healthier living in Pompano Beach.
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To learn how you can partner with the Community Foundation to support the Markham Health and Resources Hub, contact Kelly Marmol, Vice President of Philanthropic Services, at kmarmol@cfbroward.org or 954-761-9503.

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