Kearns Family's Collaboration With Community Foundation Fuels Coronavirus Relief

April 30, 2020
Ginnie and Dick Kearns' legacy of philanthropy continues through the Kearns Family Foundation Fund at the Community Foundation of Broward.

The Kearns family steps up during times of crisis.

They do it with philanthropy that provides a hand up, so struggling people can become self-sufficient.

It’s a family tradition of giving that Dick and Ginnie Kearns nurtured during their six decades of marriage. It’s a lesson they passed down to their children.

And it’s a family legacy of philanthropy that Dick and Ginnie cemented through the creation of their endowed charitable Fund at the Community Foundation of Broward.

Today, the Kearns Family Foundation Fund is stepping up in a big way to help Broward residents face the coronavirus crisis.

More than $83,000 in support from the Kearns Family Foundation Fund is helping fuel new Community Foundation grants that target the dire needs of some of Broward’s most vulnerable residents.

“The Kearns Family has entrusted us to find ways for their Fund to make the most impact for residents of Broward,” said Sheri Brown, Foundation Vice President of Community Impact. “Broward is close to their heart and they want to do what they can to help in such a critical time of need.”

Support from the Kearns Family Foundation Fund is a big part of the $500,000 in new Community Foundation crisis-relief grants to get food, rent assistance, counseling and other much-needed help to isolated seniors, the disabled, residents who recently lost jobs and others at risk of missing out on other aid.

Our team knew the Kearns Family would want to be part of this vital coronavirus relief for Broward. It’s the result of a close relationship between the family and the Community Foundation, nurtured over years of helping them find the best ways for their Fund to make the biggest impact.

While Dick and Ginnie have passed and their children, Tom Kearns and Nancy Albury, have moved away, the Kearns Family’s commitment to Broward endures through their endowed Fund and their ongoing relationship with the Community Foundation.

Nancy Albury said she and her brother grew up in Broward and they want to help their community through a very tough time. They trust the Community Foundation to help make it happen.

“So many residents, suffering from the loss of jobs and cuts in pay, are struggling to make ends meet. Seniors are especially isolated at this time. Sadly, the list goes on,” Nancy said. “But we feel that the Community Foundation of Broward will respond effectively to this crisis and provide the greatest impact where it is needed most.”

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For more information about the Community Foundation of Broward, contact or 954-761-9503.

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