Jan Crocker’s BOLD Impact For The Community Foundation

March 23, 2021
Former Community Foundation of Broward President Jan Crocker (left) and her successor Linda B. Carter (right).

Jan Crocker’s dedication and leadership played a crucial role in shaping the Community Foundation of Broward.

A former Foundation president, former Board member and a current Fundholder – Jan’s fingerprints are all over the Foundation we know today.

Jan stepped up to lead the way during a pivotal time in the Foundation’s history. In 1993, Jan was picked to become the Foundation’s first full-time president – taking the helm when Foundation founder Elizabeth “Libby” Deinhardt stepped aside after nine years of volunteering as Executive Director.

Jan set the Foundation on a course to build its grantmaking muscle – with assets growing from about $8 million to nearly $20 million during her tenure.

She also played a key role in championing the Foundation’s push to tackle the local effects of the AIDS epidemic. The Foundation was at the forefront of raising awareness about the growing health threat, supporting prevention programs and fueling solutions to help, what at the time was, an isolated and stigmatized population in Broward.

“Becoming involved in HIV prevention wasn’t a popular thing to do, but it was the right thing and the Community Foundation’s Board stood by its decision,” Jan said in a Community Foundation publication about local philanthropy’s role in tackling HIV/AIDS.

Jan joined the Community Foundation Board in 1996 and she served on the board through 2001. Her tenure insured a smooth transition for new President/CEO Linda B. Carter and Jan’s guidance helped the Foundation continue to grow during its second decade as Broward’s local philanthropy leader.

Of course, Jan’s community impact reaches beyond her Community Foundation leadership posts. She is a past president of the Junior League, who helped push for the creation of the Museum of Discovery and Science in Fort Lauderdale. She served on the boards of organizations including the Healthy Start Coalition, Bonnet House, Tower Forum and the Holy Cross Hospital Foundation. She is a winner of the Spirit of 100 Award from the Broward Economic Development Board.

As a Fundholder at the Community Foundation, Jan’s philanthropy continues to make life better in Broward. Grants from the Jan and Ed Crocker Unrestricted Fund support access to healthy food, tackle sea-level rise, plant trees, help young women develop career skills and much, much more.

Jan will always be an important part of our philanthropy family.

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