Private Foundation Alternatives

Benefits of partnering with the Community Foundation of Broward

June 1, 2022
The Community Foundation of Broward offers private foundation alternatives that help you make the most of your giving. By enlisting our expert team, you get to focus on the joy of philanthropy.

Running a private foundation comes with administrative hassles, endless solicitations and other obligations that can temper the joy of philanthropy. Partnering with the Community Foundation of Broward offers a simpler way to accomplish your charitable goals. You get all the benefits of a private foundation plus so much more.

“With Family Foundation SelectSM, I get all the administrative services of a private foundation plus the Community Foundation’s unmatched expertise to amplify my impact. I love how they make it easy to involve my children and grow our family’s philanthropy.” – Doria Camaraza

Benefits of Partnering With The Community Foundation

  • Receive expert guidance about top community issues and innovative opportunities for your support to make a lasting difference.
  • We handle startup costs, tax filings, recordkeeping and investments for you. You save time and gain greater tax advantages.
  • Leverage your giving with others to create even more impact.
  • Ensure enduring support in your name, or anonymously, for the charitable purposes you care about the most.

Create More Than a Private Foundation

A Family Foundation SelectSM charitable fund at the Community Foundation

  • Enlist our philanthropic expertise and unmatched local knowledge to maximize the impact of your philanthropy.
  • Enjoy grantmaking to your favorite public charities locally, nationally and even internationally.
  • Create a lasting vehicle for you – as an individual or as a family – to ensure forever support for the charitable purposes that matter most to you.

Amplify The Impact of an Existing Private Foundation

Create a companion charitable fund at the Community Foundation.

  • Gain access to our outstanding grantmaking services. We identify hidden gem organizations best suited for your support.
  • Broaden your community impact by leveraging your support with like-minded philanthropists at the Community Foundation.
  • Create a succession plan to preserve your foundation’s philanthropic intent and ensure a legacy of BOLD impact.
Learn More

Maximize your impact. Enjoy your philanthropy. Contact Mark Kotler at and 954-761-9503 ext. 130.

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