A message about Tyre Nichols

January 30, 2023

"Shock, sadness, anger and disbelief coursed through me as I viewed the tragic video of Tyre Nichols' agonizing death at the hands of five Memphis police officers. Tyre became yet another statistic in a long line of Black men and women whose lives have been taken by those sworn to protect them. In this case, the officers were also Black men, but they had no regard for human life that day, with their kicks and punches wielded without empathy or restraint.

The decision by the Memphis Police Department to promptly fire and charge their officers came as a vital first step in holding police accountable. But it only skims the surface of an immense problem – one where individuals can utilize positions of authority with complete impunity over innocent lives. The quick response demonstrates how those in leadership should react, yet strides must also be made toward preventive measures that systemically address the greater societal issue head-on.

In expressing her sorrow for Tyre’s tragic death, Memphis Police Chief Cerelyn "C. J." Davis said that it was not only a professional failure; but one of “failed basic humanity towards another soul.” A poignant reminder to us all. Tyre was a person. He was an artist who should still be out taking beautiful pictures, but instead his tragic death stands as another example of a failed and flawed system – leaving behind a grieving family, including a young son who will now grow up without a father.

The Community Foundation of Broward vows to oppose any form of prejudice or racism, to stand for equity and to foster inclusion – cherishing everyone’s inherent worth and dignity no matter what. We must embrace one another with unconditional kindness, while upholding shared values of equity, diversity, inclusion and justice for all."

Jennifer O’Flannery Anderson, Ph.D.

Community Foundation of Broward President/CEO

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