Community Foundation of Broward Fundholders Step Up For Haiti

September 3, 2021

Haiti is suffering again and Fundholders at the Community Foundation of Broward are using the power of philanthropy to help.

A devastating earthquake on Aug. 14 demolished homes and businesses, displaced thousands of people in the middle of hurricane season and killed more than 2,000 of our Caribbean neighbors.

In response to the crisis, the Community Foundation reached out asking Fundholders with Donor-Advised Funds to support earthquake relief and also calling for donations from any others moved to give.

In addition, our expert team provided a list of trustworthy aid organizations – with track records of making a lasting difference in Haiti – to show how our Fundholders could make a real impact with their support.

We are pleased to share that already more than $60,000 in support from generous Fundholders with Donor-Advised Funds at the Foundation has been directed to fuel life-saving efforts in Haiti.

These gifts support the work of nonprofits such as World Central Kitchen, Project Medishare, Food for the Poor, Neighbors 4 Neighbors and other nonprofits able to make a difference today for those who are suffering in Haiti.

And the Community Foundation isn’t done yet. We know helping Haiti face its latest tragedy requires support for long-term solutions.

If you would like to support relief efforts in Haiti or elsewhere, please contact Amanda Kah, Charitable Funds Services Director, at or 954-761-9503 ext. 115.

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To contact the Community Foundation of Broward, email or call 955-761-9503.

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