‘Broward Cares’ Supports Recovery From Historic Floods

April 8, 2024
Support from Broward Cares is helping residents recover from historic flash flooding that one year ago stranded drivers and damaged homes and businesses.

Floodwaters rushed into the Broward House assisted living facility and counseling offices – swamping floors, wrecking drywall and destroying electrical wiring.

After the flooding subsided, mold spread the damage throughout buildings the nonprofit relies on to provide a home and a hand up to people in need with HIV.

Like many people across our community, residents at Broward House lost the place they called home when historic flash flooding hit Broward County on April 12, 2023.

As the shock of the storm gave way to the challenge of rebuilding, Broward House learned its insurance would only cover 60 percent of repairs needed to resume its critical community mission.

Now Broward House and dozens of other front-line nonprofits serving residents in areas hard-hit by flooding are getting back on their feet, thanks to the power of local philanthropy.

“Broward Cares” – a collaboration involving the Community Foundation of Broward, the Jewish Federation of Broward County and United Way of Broward County – provided nearly $1 million in emergency support to help our community recover from historic flash flooding.

During times of crisis, the Community Foundation and our Broward Cares partners team up to raise money and deliver coordinated help where it’s needed the most. In the days and weeks after the April 12 storm, Broward Cares began raising money and reaching out to nonprofits serving areas hit by flooding to assess community needs.

After an outpouring of community support, Broward Cares collected nearly $1 million in donations and began accepting grant applications from local nonprofits hard at work for residents in neighborhoods hit by flooding. In May, Broward Cares awarded emergency grants to more than 40 nonprofits to provide housing, food, clothing, furniture and other essentials for flood victims. Broward Cares grants also helped restock food pantries, repair facilities and equipment for nonprofits serving flood victims and deliver aid for nonprofit workers affected by flooding.

“The Broward Cares collaboration shows how much our community can accomplish when we work together to lift up those in need,” said Community Foundation of Broward President/CEO Jennifer O’Flannery Anderson, Ph.D.

Thanks to $100,000 in support from Broward Cares along with donations from other community supporters, Broward House is rebuilding its counseling offices, repairing assisted living rooms and improving its capacity to serve people facing HIV. In its fall update about the rebuilding progress, Broward House thanked the Broward Cares partners for such a quick response during a time of need.

“Dignity begins with investment,” the Broward House update said. “Thanks in part to your support, we will open again (in 2024) with a nearly brand-new facility, signaling to our clients that they matter.”

Flood waters rush into Broward House on April 12, 2023.
Flood damage at Broward House from the April 12, 2023 flash flooding.
A $100,000 Broward Cares grant is helping Broward House recover from the 2023 flood.


  • Florida Power & Light Co.
  • The Jim Moran Foundation
  • BBX Capital Foundation
  • Channel 7 Foundation
  • Florida Blue Foundation
  • The Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation
  • Children’s Services Council of Broward County
  • JM Family Enterprises, Inc.
  • Natalie Merchant
  • Hudson Family Fund
  • Wanda and James M. Moran Jr. Foundation
  • UKG
  • Carole and Steve Scott


  • Alan Joseph Levy Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • August Urbanek Family Fund
  • Hudson Family Fund
  • Kearns Family Foundation Fund
  • Gene and Collette Herman Family Fund
  • 2X Foundation Fund
  • Mari Mennel-Bell’s Donor-Advised Fund
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