New Community Builder: Andrew L. Wurtele

Creating Opportunities To Build A Better Broward

April 2, 2021
To carry on a family tradition of philanthropy, Andrew L. Wurtele includes his daughter Serena in the grantmaking process for his new endowed charitable Fund at the Community Foundation of Broward.

Andrew Wurtele visited Broward looking for a change of pace and he found a place to call home. Beautiful weather, a boater’s dream and a friendly community that embraced him – Fort Lauderdale felt like the right fit. So, the Minnesota native who transplanted to California decided to flip coasts and plant his roots here.

For Andrew, getting to know his new home started with bike rides that gave him a firsthand look at the many vibrant neighborhoods as well as the areas that could use more support. And local philanthropy became Andrew’s way to connect with his new community.

Giving back is a family tradition for Andrew, whose father Angus Wurtele – former CEO of The Valspar Corporation – was a devoted philanthropist who supported the arts, education, cultural institutions and the environment in Minnesota and throughout the country.  Andrew carried on the family tradition of philanthropy with his support for national charitable organizations with local programs to help Broward’s youth and lift up struggling families. But as he has come to know and love Broward, and become a father himself, Andrew has grown eager to have a greater local impact.

He wants to feel a direct connection to his philanthropy, like he did back in California when he supported a mountain biking program for inner-city youth. He wants to be more targeted with his giving and he wants his daughter Serena to learn the value of giving back to her community.

So, Andrew has teamed with the Community Foundation of Broward to create BOLD impact. With Broward’s philanthropy experts by his side, Andrew can tap into an unmatched source of local knowledge. The Foundation helps Andrew and Serena learn more about Broward’s big challenges and explore how they can make a real difference. Andrew trusts the Foundation to find new opportunities to support dynamic solutions where they are needed the most.

The Foundation’s BE BOLD Leadership Campaign has inspired Andrew to create the endowed  Andrew L. Wurtele Family Fund. Andrew’s endowed Fund creates forever support for the issues that matter most to Andrew and Serena – support for Broward’s young people, the arts, our fragile environment and more. Together, Andrew and Serena are carrying on a family tradition that will shape the community they love and make life better in Broward for generations to come.

“The Community Foundation will help me find new avenues to support Broward. I can be much more targeted to the issues that matter the most to me and my family.” - Andrew Wurtele

More About Our Community Builders

Community Builders are BOLD leaders who establish endowed charitable Funds of $1 million or more at the Community Foundation to shape a brighter future for the community they love.

Through the power of endowment these individuals, families and local organizations with their gifts fuel innovation and tackle Broward’s Issues That Matter – today and forever.

Click here to learn more about all of our Community Builders.

How To Become A Community Builder

Thanks to the momentum of our BE BOLD Leadership Campaign, more visionary local philanthropists are stepping up to join the ranks of our Community Builders.

The BE BOLD Leadership Campaign sparks innovation, inspires new thinking and uses the power of endowment to create permanent resources that tackle Broward’s big challenges. With a one-time gift or a pledge to build your support over time, you can create an endowed charitable Fund and become a Community Builder who shapes a brighter future for Broward.

Click here to learn more about the BE BOLD Leadership Campaign.

Learn More

To learn more about our Community Builders and the BE BOLD Leadership Campaign, contact Vice President of Philanthropic Services Nancy Thies at or 954-761-9503.

Community Builders

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