New Community Builder: Lawrence A. Sanders

Boldly Supporting The Creativity And Success Of Broward Students

May 6, 2021
Support from Lawrence Sanders’ two endowed charitable Funds at the Community Foundation of Broward creates opportunities for Broward’s youth to experience the joy and empowerment of writing.

Lawrence Sanders created stories that still enthrall readers around the world. His suspense thrillers feature private eyes, cops, crooks and other intriguing characters. The Anderson Tapes, First Deadly Sin and McNally’s Puzzle are just a few of his nearly 40 novels. He remains one of America’s most popular novelists, with more than 50 million copies of his books in print.

Originally from New York and raised in the Midwest, Lawrence moved to Pompano Beach a few years after becoming a novelist. And as his literary success soared, Lawrence decided it was important to give back to the adopted community he called home.

Through grants from his private foundation, two endowed Funds were created at the Community Foundation of Broward to promote Lawrence’s passion for literacy and cultivating ambitious young writers. Over a 20-year period these annual grants grew his endowed Funds to more than $1 million and Lawrence became the Community Foundation of Broward’s 43rd Community Builder.

Although Lawrence has passed, the Lawrence A. Sanders Fund to Promote Literacy and the Lawrence A. Sanders Scholarship Fund for Creative Writing will provide forever support for the issues he cared about most.

The Community Foundation’s expert team will ensure Lawrence’s endowed Funds create new opportunities for Broward’s youth to experience the joy and empowerment of writing. Support from his Funds helps struggling middle school students get back on track to graduation. Scholarships made possible by Lawrence’s visionary gifts help high school graduates achieve their college dreams.

Thanks to the power of endowment, Lawrence’s story of BOLD impact for Broward will never end.

“Mr. Sanders wanted to use his wealth to have a lasting impact in the community,” Lawrence’s estate planning attorney J. Daniel Brede said. “He was comfortable collaborating with the Community Foundation because he knew they had the staff and research ability to find out where his giving could have the greatest impact.”

More About Our Community Builders

Community Builders are BOLD leaders who establish endowed charitable Funds of $1 million or more at the Community Foundation to shape a brighter future for the community they love.

Through the power of endowment these individuals, families and local organizations with their gifts fuel innovation and tackle Broward’s Issues That Matter – today and forever.

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How To Become A Community Builder

Thanks to the momentum of our BE BOLD Leadership Campaign, more visionary local philanthropists are stepping up to join the ranks of our Community Builders.

The BE BOLD Leadership Campaign sparks innovation, inspires new thinking and uses the power of endowment to create permanent resources that tackle Broward’s big challenges. With a one-time gift or a pledge to build your support over time, you can create an endowed charitable Fund and become a Community Builder who shapes a brighter future for Broward.

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To learn more about our Community Builders and the BE BOLD Leadership Campaign, contact Vice President of Philanthropic Services Nancy Thies at or 954-761-9503.

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